Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No, I'm Not Always Happy-

A forewarning, this blog entry isn't a happy one. It's raw real emotion from real life, watered down for a blog. My emotions change daily just as yours does. This is just one of those days I'm feeling... well less than happy about my world. Ever have one of those days?

1. How are you feeling?
Spiritually frustrated. Is there such a thing? I think so because I'm feeling it. Life seems to be in chaos and the worlds desire seem to voluntarily trump spiritual growth. I'm quite disturbed by the intrusion covered by deceitful motive. I know some will read this and think I'm off my rocker... as usual.
2. How is/was the weather today?
It looks beautiful. I need to get out meditate and walk.
3. What happened this morning/evening?
It was quiet until...
4. What's on your mind?
How to be a positive influence, while trying to shed frustration and negativity and not to be consumed by it.  Spiritual growth and discernment.It's tough.
5. What positive things happened today?
I woke up. I prayed.
6. What things did you notice needed a change today?
Our lives need an overhaul.
7. What things made you happy?
My little quirky one discovered the tea kettle whistles when you blow in it.Oh it says things as in more than one... well I woke up, I read a bit of good information.
8. What did you wear today?
Old clothes. Kid stained T-shirt and yoga pants discolored from someone carelessly doing laundry. Right. Fashion forward full speed ahead.>>
9. What did you cook today and what's on the menu tomorrow?
Little ones had oatmeal for breakfast. I had coffee. Teens had whatever they pleased. Bad mommy. For shame for shame.
10. What DIY recipe have you tried today?
lol nothing officially well wait, my little Joy was complaining about a small scratch that had scabbed over. She wanted a band aid. No she really didn't need one but hey I'm seeking peace and not choosing this battle. We haven't bought bandages in a while so I made one... two. I made them with a gauze I cut into a small square placed it on a strip of clear bandage tape, add neosporin and done.
11. What new thing did you learn today?
I'm desiring change. I need huge change. I need to seek positive influences, get out and do better.
12. What did your kids do today?
Some chores, school work, provided a loud chaotic environment, ask for things, needed things, ate things, watched tv....it's only 11:26 am. I'm sure they will do more.
13. Where did you go today?
Downstairs to seek peace.
14. Who touched your heart today?
A PDF from Heart of Wisdom. Sounds funny? Well I was reading about non conformity and the scripture they chose provided confirmation to what I had been feeling.
15. Any spiritual topics on your mind?
Yes. Plenty. How to get peace when your life is quite lonely in a house full of people. Seeking the Lord when you feel alone, need genuine encouragement (not flattery or compliments), and dealing with fear of the future.
16. Any new/completed Projects?
None right now. Well no, I need to disinfect. Yeah still... Maybe I should get on to that.
17. Any progress made on the todo list?
What todo list? lol that's about how fried my brain is right now.
18. Did you help anyone today?
No. Maybe myself. I helped myself by blogging, praying, and seeking resources.
19. Any neat online finds?
Well this Book Resources pdf was on my computer. I got it online.
20. Prayer for others: 
Father God, this was quite a um less than happy blog. I ask that you use it to let those struggling know they aren't alone and for those that aren't struggling to pray for others. I do pray my family and friends are doing well. Please bless their days and give them wisdom, spiritual discernment and good health. Father God I pray this day will glorify you in a good way.



Miss Mary said...

Hang on! Don't allow discouragement to win!! God gave us all a spirit of Joy; yours is still there under all the crud that life heaps on. People are praying for you and remember that wherever we walk, He is with you:)

Tawanna said...

aww!! Miss Mary thank you! What a sweet response! I certainly appreciate the words of encouragement! It has put a smile on my face and lifted my heart!