Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Birthday!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday as well as Father's Day. Double whammy! Yes his birthday and father's day was on the same day this year! In some respects it was easier. He did get two gifts. 
For Father's Day we gave him a very personalized mug. I had the older kids each write 3 things to him. lol Three nice good things! I had a writing prompt to help them if they drew a blank as some kids do. They actually had it all written in a matter of minutes. The challenge was getting them all downstairs and focused one what I was trying to do. I had Little Joy write I love you. I showed her how to write the letters and took the paper she wrote on for the mug. I was thankful she actually wrote it like I showed her! She's 3 and brilliant but I still hold my breath sometimes because that unpredictable toddler factor is ever so present. She drew a picture of Mommy and Daddy. I think the smiling amoeba like shape between us is her. Little Quirky had a scribble drawing of her own included on the mug. I took pictures of all of the things, edited it to fit on a wraparound mug and added the date on it. It also served as his father's day card. I'm going to confess, I think it's the sweetest gift ever and I want one! I just can't bring myself to have them praise me and put it on a mug for me. LOL talk about odd. Maybe I will have them draw something and I'll use that. Oh maybe I can get them to create 7 Mugs! One for each of us! Wait was that overboard? Whatever. I'm totally doing it.

For his birthday present him with his first Discovery Flight lesson. He's always wanted to get his pilot's license so I decided encourage him to make a step towards that. He wouldn't normally do something like that for himself because well he's always providing for his family. He was really excited about that. I even got a raised brow! I was thrilled to design an official looking itinerary note after midnight while he was sleeping. I placed it inside the mug and wrapped it all up with a balloon on the side. It was presented to him in the morning. We had church since it was Sunday. It was a good double celebration. He had a tiramisu cake.  I served him breakfast which were ribs, toast and eggs.  I know it's an odd breakfast but I couldn't think of anything else. I had been slow cooking ribs in the oven and I read online you could have breakfast ribs. We went to church and relaxed at home. He played a bit of baseball with Little Joy during Little Quirky's nap and while the older kids prepared tacos for dinner. I made this video from clips of them playing baseball yesterday from the Capture app by Youtube and Splice app. It's a little odd but shows you how much this 3 year old enjoys time with her hero of a dad. In the video you'll see a couple of high fives. If she missed the ball he would give her a high five and say, "good swing!" You'll also see them pause to watch a few teen boys attempt to roll down that slope in front of our house. She liked to "fight" which was a quick pull of my shirt, so her daddy would throw the ball and the gloves down, pick her up and throw her in the air. Lots of fun with dad. 

Later that night after the little ones went to bed, he watched Lord of the Rings with the older kids. They were all excited. I wasn't as thrilled but hey it was his day and they can watch if they wanted to. It was after 2am when they went to bed. They watched the extended edition.  I felt myself getting sick but I stayed up with them. I didn't want to put a sour note to the end of the day for them. I did snooze a few times lol. Shhh! Sorry guys but I wanted 90% of the movie!

He was happy with the day and that made me happy.

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