Pure Natural Blends

Pure Natural Blends was founded in 2010. It is a home based business started by Tawanna Cullen. She had been creating her own hair products for her self and children as a hobby. She started creating her own products because she wanted to know what specific ingredients were being put onto their skin and hair. She wanted to have products that were all natural and beneficial to the whole body. She noticed that the first ingredient in a lot of hair care product is water. While water is necessary, she felt her family would benefit from products that were not mainly composed of water. Seeing the benefits of creating her own hair and skin products, she felt lead to share her creations.
Each product is named to invoke positive feelings and hopefully will encourage a positive self image.
gladnessThe purpose and mission of Pure Natural Blends is to create all natural hair and skin products with 5 simple ingredients that are beneficial to the body. Pure Natural Blends will always be all natural! The products contain No Petroleum, No Alcohol, No Mineral Oils, No Beeswax, No Artificial Colors, No Perfumes No Parabens and it's Cruelty Free!!
Our first ingredient isn't water! Pure Natural Blends products are quality products that can be used daily on hair and skin. Pure Natural Blends products uses all natural and beneficial ingredients to create blends suitable hair and skin. Pure Natural Blends hair crèmes are suitable for natural or chemically treated hair. Being all natural, Pure Natural Blends crèmes can be used by people of all ages, yes even babies**! There are several blends available. We invite you to browse about and see what blends best suits your hair and skin.

 **Please to be aware of any allergies to the ingredients listed in each blend.

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