Creatively tawanna

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for browsing my blog. I do hope you enjoy reading my various writings. If so please leave me a comment or several.

What about me? Well I'm just plain ol' me. I'm happily married and living the family life. In short, I am a very domestic homeschooling photography loving graphic mother of 5 designing computer geek. While I like the comforts of home, I enjoy traveling to see the world God blessed us with. I'm at a loss of words to describe me here. I guess you can say I'm a bit off beat. I'm sure if you read any of my posts you've picked up on that bit. I enjoy a good laugh and try to keep a light hearted personality. It doesn't always work though. Being good to others and enjoying life is important to me. I recently created my own site called
Creatively tawanna! Please check it out!

I've got two other blogs. I started a photography blog in 2007. Have a look here. I admit I'm not the best at posting as I should.
I started a natural hair blog in 2008 to journal about going chemical free in hair care. That blog is here :

So far that's all I have. I do plan to update this about me section to something better but this was a start at writing a bio.

Live Well!