Sunday, June 09, 2013

Just a little Mid Day Blogging.

1. How are you feeling?
Eh I'm a little ill but I'm on the mend. I'm getting over congestion and praying Asthma won't jump on the bandwagon drive it on into the doctor's office.
2. How is/was the weather today?
I haven't been outside yet. It's 12:03 pm. I know not AM right! I smell improvement... wait no I can't because congestion is in the way. Ugh. Well it was 12:03 I started blogging. There is no telling how long it will take me to finish. The interruptions are an adventure in themselves.
3. What happened this morning/evening?
I tried to stay in bed but the little ones refuse to let that happen peacefully.
4. What's on your mind?
Actually I want to go walking. I've been thinking about our friends that actually spend time with us. You know you always have those that are saying, "We should..." then you never do. We have friends we see at church and that's about it but I feel especially touched when we get together outside of church and double so if they come to our house. We moved about 3 years ago 45 mins away from our church. When friends do drive over to visit us I honestly feel honored and a geninue connection. But... of course I don't really invite people over- fear of rejection and not wanting to inconvience people. The kids are actually the ones that force us to do things such as parties. My anxiety is high in social situations and I worry too much about company feeling comfortable. To create that in my house, and feel rejected when people don't come isn't something I'm inviting. My kids are daring and very social though. The people that didn't show up to their party yesterday didn't seem to bother them. That's good. I like them that way. I think it's showing them the level of friendships they have. On a side note since the kids have established more friends closer to home, I've been crossed about attending a church that's closer. It's difficult due to familarity. Hmmm what to do? Move! Yes! Move far! Start new! Ok I'm rambling... but that's what's on my mind.
5. What positive things happened today?
I woke up! My son and daughter are feeling better, I actually had warm coffee today and I only lost the cup once.
6. What things did you notice needed a change today?
I need to empty the sink at night. I don't like waking up to a jumbled up mess in the sink and on the counters.
7. What things made you happy?
Listening to my girls talk about their party and listening to my little Joy count how many tickets she is getting on ABC Mouse. Yes I did sign her up for the free month and I think we will keep it as long as she is interested. It's just $7.95 a month afterwards.
8. What did you wear today?
Grey Yoga pants and a teal t-shirt. Yep I'm fashion forward as usual. lol! I am missing my socks and flip flops. Oh and a side note, Little Joy's avatar on ABC Mouse has on socks and flip flops lol! I don't think she has even see me do that. Is it genetic??
9. What did you cook today and what's on the menu tomorrow?
I haven't yet. I think I'm going to fix one of my questionable Salads. I'm not sure if this is actually healthy but I sautee onions, mushrooms, zucchini, squash and bell peppers, put that on iceberg lettce, add some salmon, cheese, rocotta cheese, and what ever shredded cheese I have, and avocado with Ranch dressing. I'm sure it's not all that great but it's yummy!
10. What DIY recipe have you tried today?
Um nothing yet, but I will be using the all-purpose cleaner to clean around today. I'm looking at these links to get ideas on disinfecting the house.
Check list of things to clean
How to Clean Your House After Sickness 
How to Make Natural Household Cleaners
How to Naturally Clean a House Afer Sickness
11. What new thing did you learn today?
Um... well in conversation with the kids this morning I realized that  Degrassi High was racy for me but it's real life for some kids.
12. What did your kids do today?
13. Where did you go today?
To the kitchen and the living room. lol We haven't gotten out today. I was planning to walk after I finished blogging but it looks like that is poseponed due to strong winds and rain. No rain yet but it sure looks seedy out there.
14. Who touched your heart today?
My little Joy playing around and my older girls talking about their party.
15. Any spiritual topics on your mind?
Keeping tension and troubles away.
16. Any new/completed Projects?
Rich put mini blinds down stairs in the basement! We reorganized toys and made one of the downstairs rooms into a play room for the little ones. Our living room is looking less like a playroom.
17. Any progress made on the todo list?
We sort of completed the todo list yesterday for the girls very late birthday party. There were a few things left incomplete but it's ok. Wait no it's not really but I'll just throw that list in the trash ;)
18. Did you help anyone today?
Um no. not yet.
19. Any neat online finds?
For Graphic Designers I subscribed to this YouTube channel and watched this video a couple of days ago. I think I might start creating brushes. Illustrator Tutorial

20. Prayer for others: 
Father God, I pray that our friends and family are protected from harm and sickness. I pray for my friend who is greiving the loss of her grandmother. Father God please give her comfort during this time. I pray for our friend who was in the ER and still came to the girls birthday party! Lord please bless her with healing and good health. Please bless her family in abundance. We know they have great hearts and they have blessed us with geninue friendship. Lord I pray for my friends who are looking for a better job. I pray that you give him favor with the open positions avalible. Father God I pray for all of those feeling forgotten and down in heart. Please give them hope and love. I pray you keep everyone safe from the rain coming in. In Jesus name, Amen.

I think it's time for that walk... its 1:20 p.m.

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