Monday, May 27, 2013

No Celebration on Feeling Good, but Celebrating Anyway.

1. How are you feeling? I'm ok. A little tired and unsettled. We accomplished a lot today but the remaining things on our to do list have grabbed my mind. It's stopped me from celebrating our accomplishments. Ugh!

2. How is/was the weather today? It was great! 81° which is my favorite kind of weather. Not too hot, just right! I guess you can say I'm still an 80's kid. LOL ok I know boooo!

3. What happened this morning? Well I got up around 6:45 ish to get ready for church. No alarm. Just got up. Fia woke up after I got in a shower and started to fix my hair. I changed her diaper, got her a bottle and got some snuggle time with her in our rocking chair. Shortly after that Helaina woke up. I went downstairs and got them breakfast ready. It was a peaceful Sunday morning. We were off to church. I really couldn't focus at church this morning. I did get this nugget Pastor Rick said today, "God isn't interested in informational religion. He is interested in spiritual change."  I knew this but it was a confirmation that hit home.

4. What's on your mind? To do list and my kids come home from being gone a weekend tomorrow!

5. What positive things happened today? We had a good peaceful morning. Rich got the backsplash behind the sink done! I got the lawn mowed! The little kids went to bed without a fuss! We went to lunch with our great friends after church. No one was hurt!

6. What things did you notice needed a change today? Well Rich has got to finish the brakes on his car. I need to learn how to focus more while listening to a sermon. I am so easily distracted!

7. What things in the news made you happy? Hmmm... nada. Wait... let me go look something up for this question. Ok found it.... People still care about one another! Look at this story about a person making another person's dream come true! Stranger Gives Waitress a $1,000 Tip to Fund her Dream Trip To Italy

8. What did you wear today? I wore an outfit inspired by my daughter.

9. What did you cook today and what's on the menu tomorrow?   For breakfast I fixed the little ones eggs and cheese on toast. We ate out for lunch and since we weren't really hungry the little ones had sandwiches. It has ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, bacon bits, avocado, sauteed onions, mushrooms and garlic topped with Ranch dressing.

10. What DIY recipe have you tried today? I didn't but Rich finished the backsplash behind the sink! Wo0t! He did a grand job!

11. What new thing did you learn today?  A repeat from above, Pastor Rick saying "God isn't interested in informational religion. He is interested in spiritual change." I learned that I should not forget that lever that makes the lawn mower self propel too!

12. What did your kids do today? Little ones went to church, played, had lunch with us, played, bath time and bed. Older ones are out of town.

13. Where did you go today? Church, O'Charley's and Home.

14. Who touched your heart today? I guess that would be my little Joy. She has been obedient. She's very soft hearted too. Every day I have gotten a "Happy Mother's Day!" even though I tell her it is no longer Mother's Day she still says it. I say thank you.

15. Any spiritual topics on your mind? Battling words spoken over my children that do not line up with the word of God. Things like, "You are just like..." nope! Not when there is a generational curse in that!

16. Any new/completed Projects? The backsplash is complete behind the sink! Yay! The other side needs to be done but it will get done in due time. Right now, we can't stop looking at the backsplash we have now! Rich has to put new brake pads on. It's a blessing God has kept him safe because those old ones were worn down to the metal!

17. Any progress on projects made? Yes, see above.

18. Did you help anyone today? Besides my kids, I did help a handicap lady by opening the door today.

19. Any neat online finds? Well I found the Pogoplug app via facebook. It's an unlimited icloud service.

20. Prayer for others: Father God, I ask that you help all those in need. I pray that you give them peace, safety and good health. I pray that you give them wisdom in all areas of life. In Jesus name, Amen.


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