Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling a little odd.

1. How are you feeling?
I am feeling odd. I have been feeling odd all day. I feel like I'm going through withdrawls or something. It's so strange. Maybe I just need more mints to feed my mint addiction!? Seriously, I am addicted to Pep-o-mints. No I'm not kidding. That addiction started in high school with loving cough drops, and lozenges. Strangely it progressed from that to the red and white starlight mints. Now it's Lifesavers Pep-o-mints. See we buy these.
Crazy I know. Apparently I'm not alone in my love for mints. http://www.thesmartset.com/article/article04281102.aspx
2. How is/was the weather today?
It was nice. It stayed below 80 while we were out today. It rained a bit but afterwards it was ok.

3. What happened this morning/evening?
Well my older kiddos came home late yesterday from being out of town for about 4 days so had not seen little Quirky yet. She was asleep when they got home. So it was great to see them reunite in excitement this morning. I loved it all. The girls had an orthodontist appointment today. Little Quirky found a gator to play with. I have no idea why she was drawn to this toy. It looked kind of scary. After the girls were done I was standing at the appointment desk making their next appointment when she came around the corner demanding to go potty. She's not even potty training but demanded to go potty while lifting up her dress.  Pinkishly Clever took her to the potty to keep the peace. When she came out she stood in the doorway in between the dental assistant and another patient spontaneously squatted down and said, "Potty!!" in a baby growl. Yeah we were kind of embarrassed. I tried to usher her out of their way but it was sort of like chasing a mouse. We finally got both of the little ones out the door. The girls are near the end of their braces stage. Yay!

4. What's on your mind?
The church. Just questions. Many questions of if we are inline with The Lord .
5. What positive things happened today?
The girls are closer to getting their braces off! My honey sent me a text letting me know about a situation that was resolved!
6. What things did you notice needed a change today?
I need a solid routine. I need to woman up and stop procrastinating.
7. What things made you happy?
My kids and the good news text that my honey sent me in a text, laughing at silly little Quirky's antics at the orthodontist. The kids morning reuniting.
8. What did you wear today?
A blue 4th of July shirt from maybe 2010, white shorts and hair in a ponytail.
9. What did you cook today and what's on the menu tomorrow?
For breakfast coffee, the little ones had toast, yogurt and fruit. Well they didn't want to eat the toast and yogurt  For lunch I did an egg, cheese, onion and sausage mix. For dinner my honey fixed our version of Hash.
10. What DIY recipe have you tried today?
Nothing today.
11. What new thing did you learn today?
I read in the newspaper of a local town fussing about what to do about a mall that has been vacant.
12. What did your kids do today?
Endured the Orthodontist.
13. Where did you go today?
Orthodontist office and back home.
14. Who touched your heart today?
My kids
15. Any spiritual topics on your mind?
How to over come anger and chaos.
16. Any new/completed Projects?
Nothing today
17. Any progress made on the todo list?
Eh cleaning as usual.
18. Did you help anyone today?
I don't recall.
19. Any neat online finds?
20. Prayer for others: 
Father God I ask that you bless my friends and family. Please give them wisdom and healing emotionally, mentality and spiritually. Please touch hearts with love and show them your true nature. In Jesus name Amen


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