Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trying out a New Format

I think I'm going to start a new format of blogging for a season. I sat and made up my own blogging questions. Here we go....

How are you feeling? I'm feeling well. Nothing unusual. I'm thankful I don't have a headache or tense feelings.

How is the weather today? The weather is beautiful. The last time I looked it was 79 degrees with a nice breeze. It's my favorite midwest weather.

What happened this morning? We went to church. My son has been wanting to go to the Jr. High youth service at 9 A.M. but since we live 45 minutes away from our church it has been a challenge. I do wish the church would change the youth service from 1st to 2nd service. A lot of parents would appreciate that. Just getting kids out of the house is a work out. We made it, and we enjoyed church. Pastor Rick spoke on forgiveness  Great topic we all need.

What's on your mind? Well I've got to go get my kiddos. They are still over in IL at the moment for small groups and hanging out with friends. That's a 45 minute drive I've got to make. Hmmm.

What positive things happened today? We all woke up! We got to church on time, we got to have lunch with great friends, the weather is beautiful, Helaina is enjoying playing outside with daddy, Fia is taking a nap and it's only 4:26pm!

What things did you notice needed a change today? My motivation to do alterations to my daughter's prom dress. I really need to focus on that.

What things in the news made you happy? I haven't read or watched the news yet.

What did you wear today? A dress! I wore a colorful long comfortable dress and my daughter's Toms shoes.

What did you cook today? Nothing! We went out to eat and usually when we do that, I'm full. I'm not sure what's for dinner yet. Maybe Liver and Mash Potatoes.

What did your kids do today? They attended church with us, went to a small group and hung out with friends. Besides that, they always make me laugh with their sense of humor.

Where did you go today? To church and to have lunch with friends.I'll need to get ready to pick my older 3 up in a few minutes. Oh and we went to Menards.

Any spiritual topics on your mind? Spiritual warfare.

Any projects going on? I've got to shorten my daughter's prom dress, work on Pure Natural Blends things, find a power washer and listen to the CD's we bought this weekend from the Homeschool Expo. Oh and I want to make this shampoo! I'm just missing the coconut milk!

Any progress on projects made? I started on the prom dress, but that was only a few stitches. I listened to a little bit of some seminar talks.

Ok so that wasn't so bad. Maybe it will get better... maybe. I need to write more because now I'm thinking about the details of my day.


Love Abounds At Home said...

I love your new format :)

Tawanna said...

Thanks! I might add a few things as time goes on.