Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New & Improved? Yes :D

Hello Everyone!
I've updated my blog. Trying and new look. It's the finicky graphic designer in me. Let me know if you like it or not. I've titled my blog Seven Tulips because we are a family of seven and my favorite flower is a tulip. Simple right? I've added a new closing signature to my blogs. It's gone from Live Well, to Live Well Acts 20:24 and now to Love God Love People Matthew 22:35-41. I hope you like the new look.

I've updated my format too. I just made it 20 Questions to answer. I probably won't follow this with every post but it's something to get me thinking about things. I know it can be a go to when I'm frustrated and need to focus on good things. So there you have it :)

1. How are you feeling? I'm feeling rather accomplished. Somewhat  I've still got a ton of things to do on my "job board" but getting my blog updated has been on my mind. So it's one thing that... actually wasn't on my list of things to do but it got done.

2. How is/was the weather today? Cold and rainy. It wasn't too bad but it sure wasn't my favorite kind of weather. It makes me want to be lazy and sleep the day away.

3. What happened this morning? I woke up, got the kids ready and out the door to go to their homelink classes. I actually slept in until a little after 8:45 a.m.

4. What's on your mind? Blogging and my job board. Looking at the time again...

5. What positive things happened today? I updated this here blog, refreshed our fruits for smoothie making, and saw one of my girls display responsible behavior in the dealing with stress and heightened emotions.

6. What things did you notice needed a change today?
My morning routine, and my nightly "got to stay up and get this done" routine. I need a better morning routine and an earlier night routine.

7. What things in the news made you happy? Um, well... I didn't read or watch the news but my husband brought up some Egyptian biblical historical facts that were rather interesting. Joseph may have been Imhotep.  Imhotep was the first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid.

8. What did you wear today? I wore a black t-shirt and jeans. Creative I know.

9. What did you cook today? I made green smoothies (Spinach, Banana, Grapes, and Blueberries), coffee, and Mac and cheese with sausage. Hubby cooked dinner which was Pork Tenderloin, Broccoli and mashed potato.

10. What DIY recipe have you tried today? I made deodorant spray and All Purpose Cleaner --->See Video

11. What new thing did you learn today? I learned that Homelink does a podcast, Joseph may have built the Pyramids, or at least the first one.

12. What did your kids do today? The girls went to class, my son put two shelves together for me, Little Joy was a bit fussy today since she's not feeling well and, Little Quirky One was well quirky.

13. Where did you go today? I dropped the girls off at their class, Target, & Gas station.

14. Who touched your heart today? My daughter by the way she dealt with things, and my son who put shelves together for me.

15. Any spiritual topics on your mind? Loving one another.

16. Any  new/completed Projects? Blog updated, Job board still full.

17. Any progress on projects made? Yes some.

18. Did you help anyone today?
My kids.

19. Any neat online finds? Joseph may have been Imhotep.  and the DIY Deodorant spray  

20. Prayer for others: Father God please let everyone Seek the Lord, proper sleep habits, good health, and wealth. In Jesus mighty name Amen.

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