Sunday, April 14, 2013

Knowing is Half the Battle Right?

Hello Everyone!
 I hope the Spring season has arrived as a pleasant feeling for you. I definitely find it a good thing. It always reminds me of life, living, breathing, new... life! It's still cool weather but not as cold as winter. This winter season hasn't been bad for me. I'm surprised that vitamins have helped! Winter 2011 was real hard for me. I remember crying the day the Saturday we went to the Homeschool Expo because it snowed. I didn't care how beautiful the snow was, it was cold and it felt like Narnia to me. Winter 2012 not so bad. In fact I enjoyed the snow. It was beautiful and I felt very different. I wasn't depressed. I knew that Summer time was coming. I was advised to start taking vitamins. I've found that it has helped me with depression and PMS. I don't feel out of control or just crazy. I was surprised that my cycle was coming up because I didn't have to forewarn my family that it was "My Week!" Do not poke the bear! So I am taking
B Complex
OMEGA/Fish oil w/Borage Oil or Primrose Oil
Vitamin D3
Multivitamin (yes in addition to all the others listed because sometimes it's just not enough.)
I didn't list the amounts because that's going to depend on your body's needs. I take all those separately. I was told how important sleep is. It's amazing. I have been a "night owl" because that's when I can get stuff done. I still am up pretty late but I do know how important sleep is. One thing that stood out was a doctor told me that we could be walking around suffering from malnutrition due a lack of sleep because our bodies distribute the nutrients we ate during the day throughout our bodies while we sleep. 

Sleep: The average number of hours to sleep if from 8-10 hours. Make sure you have enough sleep during the night to rest your body and let proper distribution of nutrients and supplements inside your body. -

Interested? Here are a couple of  links

What Happens When You Sleep?
What Happens to Your Body While You're Asleep
There are a ton of studies on sleep. I knew it was important but it wasn't put in a way that I could grasp it. Anyhow knowing is half of the battle right? Next up doing something about that. I am still challenged as you can see. So just because I know doesn't mean it comes easy.

You know what's funny? I didn't intend to blog about sleep. So since I did, instead of talk about the Homeschool Expo this past weekend, I'm going to take my GABA and head to bed. We have church in the morning and I know our very excited Helaina is looking forward to it. Goodnight and Many Blessings to you!

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