Monday, April 29, 2013

Blogging just to Blog.

1. How are you feeling? Alert at 12:31 am. Not real happy about that but I've been working on home business things so plenty is on my mind.

2. How is/was the weather today? It was a little cool. Drier than yesterday though. I hear it's going to be in the 80's tomorrow! Yeah!

3. What happened this morning? We went to church. We actually had a pleasant morning for a Sunday. Not a lot of hassle and fussing. I actually enjoyed the "getting out of the door" routine. Well we actually don't have a formal routine but there is an unsaid way we go about getting ready for church. My son wanted to go to the early youth service but only gave us 30 minutes to get 4 out of 7 people ready. The two little ones were fast asleep for longer than expected. So we made it to 2nd service. He was ok with it. Turns out a few his friends weren't there. I enjoyed talking to friends I had not had a chance to chat with in a while. The girls served in the two year old classroom. After church we came home.

4. What's on your mind? Blogging, the next steps of marketing on a shoestring budget, and my little Joy who is sitting up with me. She's up too.

5. What positive things happened today? I got to chat with friends, we had a peaceful morning, and I actually got to take a nap!

6. What things did you notice needed a change today? Oh I would really love for the Youth service at church to be held during 2nd service, and my little one needs to go to sleep!

7. What things in the news made you happy? Hmmm... well not exactly in the media, but a friend told me she is in better health due to some better health choices!

8. What did you wear today? Sneakers that resemble Chucks but are heels, black jeans, a coral tank with a black wrap shirt.

9. What did you cook today and what's on the menu tomorrow?  I didn't cook today! Rich cooked again. LOL why is it every time I've blogged, he has cooked? Just know that the days I haven't blogged, I have cooked. Any how dinner was good, simple and yummy. He did a noodle, cheese, broccoli, and sausage dish. Don't know what's on the menu for tomorrow yet. I guess I should take the meat out of the freezer.

10. What DIY recipe have you tried today? Um nothing. I do need to make some more general purpose cleaner. 

11. What new thing did you learn today? I took a nap, made a google business page for Pure Natural Blends, and community called Healthy Handmade all a part of marketing.

12. What did your kids do today? They all went to church with us this morning. The girls served in the two year old classroom, Joy and Quirky went to their classes and  later on they just were about their own amusment around the house. The two little ones enjoyed bouncing around on the bed for quite some time. My joyous one is still up. She will soon fall asleep though.

13. Where did you go today? Church and to the gas station.

14. Who touched your heart today? Christine, Cindy, Ria, my little Joy, and a couple who lost their child today.

15. Any spiritual topics on your mind? Respecting leadership in the church and leaders respecting their members as well. Order and harmony.

16. Any new/completed Projects? Well I'd like to get those toy boxes organized better! My husband has done a good job with starting it. I can see the light and have a vision for it. It's a simple project. I'm still marketing. I achieved creating a google+ page and community! Please join them both! Links are above.

17. Any progress on projects made? Well no. The other house's paint job still needs to be completed.

18. Did you help anyone today? My kids. I don't remember doing anything extraordinary though.

19. Any neat online finds? Yes an article titled 30 Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and this neat site to download 50 Free Social Media Mixed Design Icons

20. Prayer for...: Father God, I ask that you help the couple who lost their baby during labor today. I pray that you comfort them and give them hope and ease their pain. Lord I pray for my family, friends, and all the people connected to us to have wisdom and seek you daily. I pray that you give us good health and a positive outlook on life. Lord I ask that you heal those that are sick, help those that need your direction. I ask that you change hearts for the better and encourage those that are down. Lord open eyes for those that need a vision, and please bless those that have a vision but don't know the next step. I ask that you be in our lives, touch those that need you and the very person reading this blog. In Jesus name Amen.

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