Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ants! Ants!! ANTS!!!

Greetings Friends,

So our summer dilemma has been ANTS!! They are every where. I've got a toddler who likes to make every thing sticky with her sticky hands. We all know toddlers eat messy and it takes just one smear of jelly from a PB&J sandwich to attract these little sugar ants. I went to chalking up the cracks. There is one crack or opening in a door that they keep slipping through. So I've been on the battle front to protect the toddler and crawling baby from these critters. While online I saw this! A friend posted a link to for a simple recipe to kill ants.
It calls for
1 cup of water
2 cups of sugar
2 TBSP of Borax
boil it for 3 minutes. Click the link above to see the pictures for the recipe. Let it cool and place it in shallow dishes around. I made this this morning and placed mine around outside. In a matter of minutes the ants were there eating up a storm! See my little 22 second video of how they are attracted to this solution...

I hope it works! I'll update this blog when we find out!

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