Friday, August 17, 2012

Homeschool a High school student?

Hey everyone!
I hope you have being having a great summer. I love summer time! It's been almost as hot as back home in TX!
Well I want to let you know of two links that might be helpful to those of us that home school our high school students. Here they are

I created a yahoo egroup for parents all over homeschooling highschoolers
We are hoping more people join to 
get support
give support 
get encouragement 
give encouragement
get ideas
share ideas
inform one another and so on.
In general this group was created to connect with other parents on the same road. 

I created another yahoo egroup for parents homeschooling Highschool grade students in Missouri (MO) with the same vision in mind.

Please feel free to share the links!


Opal Stevens said...

I'll definitely have to join that group! Thanks for letting us know :D

Tawnee said...

Great article. Hope I can find a great group when mine are high school. Thanks for sharing.

Tawanna said...

Thanks you guys! I sure hope we can get together and help one another out on this stage of our lives.

Cariann McCready said...

I still have a ways to go for high school but I applaud you for setting up the groups. Support groups even online are a huge part of our homeschool journey