Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Most Dramatic Diaper Change

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? When everything seems to just fall and fail? Where you just can't get a thing done because other things keep happening? When things just seem to work against you? I've had a day like that today. I kind of had a feeling that it might go that way. See we've had a situation going on in our house. During the summer church camp my girls were working at a girl who will remain anonymous spoke some rather rude and racist words to my daughter. She told her she was "too black." for... I guess the rest isn't relevant to know after that wham of words. Yes we know racism is a generational root in American society, and we deal with these almost on a daily basis. It's kind of to the point of where we let things slide by us. We see it on TV, hear comments on the radio, read it in books, see it when we shop, live it and think on it. So we live in a society that saturates our roots with this thing called racism, but do we have to accept it? No. 

So we decide to speak with our pastors about it what happened to our daughter. In this meeting we brought up more than one racial incident that targeted all of our family members. - But lets rewind to this morning...

I knew we were going to have a meeting. I had it on my mind not to forget about it. It was one of those things where it just got put on the calendar because it was stored in my husband's mental calendar instead. I woke up with today's agenda in my head but the Lord forewarned me in my spirit (you know when you have *that* feeling...) that nope it's not going to work that smoothly. Pray. I went on and surely whap! Ashley feels sick. She's laying on the couch with a low grade fever. I thought ugh she was just sneezing yesterday what is going on?! Fia wakes up with the green gunky nose. Great. What do I do now? Do I go on or cancel? I pray and wait. 

Wait what? Yes. Pray. Why? This was purely an attack. A spiritual attack. Am I wacko? lol yeah sometimes! But this came to me when it all came to a head (so I thought) in 15 minutes around the 1 o'clock hour when I was supposed to get getting us all ready. All but one of my children "needed" me at one time. Fia was fussing, Helaina wanted attention, Adrian wanted something, Ashley wanted something and Angela was like a deer in headlights but was there to help. Thank God He gave me one to help! It all calmed down and Helaina and Fia were down for a nap! Doh! The meeting was at 4. We needed to be out of the door by 3, which meant we should have all been up and getting ready. Nap time!? Seriously? Yep and Ashley was still on the couch. I let them sleep. Fia woke up while I was trying to get Helaina's clothes ironed. I thought, "Oh no, but at least I don't have to deal with a cranky baby being woken up from her nap." Dig! Silver lining moment or better yet seeing God's blessings in the chaos! 

So Rich gets home and we are shortly out the door... 15 minutes late. We get there just a few minutes after 4. I thank God it's not 15 (lol ugh!). So the meeting starts, and yes ALL 7 members of our family where there. As we talk, I must say I do like talking to our Pastors, I had to step out to change Fia who had done the no. 2 and could not be ignored. Oh wait, let me add in we forgot the diaper bag in the car but Angela offered so graciously to get it for me so I can continue to talk. When I went to change her, I discovered that the wipes had fell out. Doh! Ugh annoyance but no biggie I'll use a wet paper towel.  Fia is a wiggle worm while changing her diaper so I thought ok I'll try and fix a bottle so she might settle down. I looked and saw I had forgot the organic formula. Doh! So I change her and went to empty the no. 2 in the toilet. I thought to myself... with my luck it the toilet would over flow. It did. All over the floor. I fought to get the plunger out of the container it was in as it spilled over. Good thing there was a drain there! As I fought I saw baby Fia wanted to splash in the water. OMG NO! So I sit the plunger down and go sit her back on her changing pad. As I turn around and thought what a mess! I saw the plunger container had opened! So I quickly plunged and the water went down. Whew! I step back and almost slipped. Whoops! Oh dang all this water and a splashing baby. How embarrassing! I just wanted to change her diaper. So I try my best to push the water towards the drain. It's working! I was relieved until I saw the water behind me. Ok so I continued and I just knew they were wondering what in the world!? Fia was annoyed with me because I wouldn't let her splash in it. So it was a battle in the restroom. I finally got it all cleaned up opened the door and the Helaina had to use the potty. At this point I handed Fia off to Adrian who had brought Helaina to me. He took Fia off which was a relief. Helaina took her sweet time. All the meanwhile, there was an important meeting going on! 

Ahh... a meeting. Yeah I get it. lol! Spiritual warfare again? Sure was! What warfare?? Well in Ephesians 6:12
it says,  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Yeah buddy! That had been going on all day to discourage me from going to the meeting, and then during the meeting.  Our pastors were so gracious and nice. Fia was busy up until we left. After the meeting it all went well. Fia didn't get hungry and we made it to the store before she got fussy! Hmmm.... strange isn't it?

So funny when stressful chaos hits we know the spiritual forces of evil are hard at work. We are in the midst of a battle. Give in or fight. Today awkward as I was, I fought and prayed through it. The meeting was good. God prevailed. I can even laugh at the most dramatic diaper change I've ever done was. 

lol... God IS Good!

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