Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stitch It, Paint It, Lose It, and Good Night!

Well I've been up to nothing much. Just the same old thing. Today I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few things. I saw on Dr. Oz that Coconut Palm Sugar was good for diabetics. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my last two pregnancies. Although it goes away after birth, I'm left thinking about my health. For the first time ever, I lost weight during pregnancy! Oh no don't worry, it's not bad, it was good. I was over my weight limit anyway. I was given the pills to take instead of the insulin shots. I was grateful to be given the chance to try them out first this time. Any how I saw that with the controlled glucose levels I went down a few pounds. Hmmm. So I'm on the mission to actually get serious about dropping this weight I gained with pregnancy. I picked up some Coconut Crystals for an alternative sugar.  Funny because I do not like coconut at all! I read on the can that it doesn't have a coconut taste. We shall see! I also bought some unrefined and unbleached sugar. It too is said to not spike glucose levels. I hope these work.

In addition to the alternative sugars, I bought some more Pu-erh tea. I've heard good reports on this. It's supposed to aide in weight loss. I'm excited to try this. I got some Pu-erh tea from Teavana. It wasn't bad but I think I was making this wrong. The instructions on the can were for an 8oz glass of tea instead of a pot. Oops! Lets try again lol.

The weather is getting warmer so we are out of the house more. Today we hiked the big hill up to our house. It was a nice walk. We shall do it again! Baby Fia was in the Moby like wrap I made. She feel asleep as we got back home. Must have been a good walk then!

Well as you may have noticed, I like to make things. Sometimes I get project overload so I decided to give myself a limit. I've made a project wall. It's not a wall it's actually an 8.5x10 printed out sheet with a border around it. It keeps me within safe boundaries lol. Here it is

. If the "Stitch It" is full then I can't add any more projects. I've got to finish one on the board first. They have to be the same size as a wallet size photo too. No cheating and no wait listing lol! I actually thought of doing that! Silly me. It will just push me to actually complete the projects I want to do.

So one thing that was not on the Stitch It board was this canvas painting. I have always wanted to do a canvas painting. I did one on Valentine's Day for my dear husband. I'm not sure how well he liked it since I don't think he would hurt my feelings in this situation. I tried and I'm going to try again. Here is my first Abstract Canvas Painting. It doesn't have a name or meaning really. I was just painting.


It's Late Thirty A.M and time for me to go to bed. 


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Creating From Within said...

I love your painting! My first canvas painting was a picture of Dora the Explorer for my grand-daughter. I came out pretty good and she still has it hanging on her bedroom wall!