Monday, March 19, 2012

Our America's Got Talent Afternoon

On March 8th we got to sit in the audience of America's Got Talent. It was very fun to go with my girls who have just turned 14 the day before. 14 was the minimum age they would allow in. The tickets were free and available online at

The site gives you a list of requirements that they want the participates to obey. One of them was a dress code and another was no cell phones were allowed in the building. As we worried if we were dressed well enough. We were soon assured we were dressed ok by the way people were dressed in line. We wondered if half of them were cold, or would be let in. It was in the mid 40's and women were dressed in short skirts and sleeveless dresses. I thought my my my what women won't sacrifice to be seen! That wasn't good common sense. By the arrived we saw the long line wrapped around the side of the building and on across the street. We thought we were early! We got in line and waited along with everyone else. It was cold but it wasn't the worst weather either. As we waited a staff member came around with a bin yelling, "Cell phones? Anyone have a cell phone?" She obviously saw a few people on their phones and they gave them up. One man took his back to the car while the person he was with held their place in line. I thought, wow did they read the rules or did they just chance it? I left mine in the car. I admit I wish I did have my cell phone so I could take video or pictures which is just what they want to prevent! Any how we waited, I drank my hot coffee and people watched.

As we made it across to the side of the building, I think time stopped for girl standing in front of us.There were a group of about 4 guys that got in line 2nd to last across the street. The moment they walked up the girl in front of us locked in on them with a unbreakable stare for a good few minutes. We have no idea why but she had such a look of disgust on her face. Maybe they were ex's friends?! I don't know but she didn't look happy about their arrival. These boys looked rather "hipster" as my girls called it. One of the guys had a huge Afro. My girls swore it was permed. We did laugh but we also we thought it was rather cool that he was doing his own thing. Now some would assume that the Afro was being worn by an African American guy. Nope! The guy looked to be Caucasian, and so was the girl staring in front of us. We were so curious as to what made her stair so intensely at the guys. Ashley couldn't contain herself laughing loudly and said, "Haters gonna hate." She eventually broke her stare. We never found out one thought in her head but those guys got closer seats than we did! I wonder if they will be shown on camera. Hmmm I think their chances are good. When they started letting people in the the line was moving in no time and we had no problem getting in.

The Fabulous Fox did not do a good job with ushering people to seats. I don't know why when you get a crowd of people they tend to be like sheep. Some people have no idea what to do until they are guided. We were waiting in an isle for a few minutes because we were confused. Some people were walking seats, wondering around and confused. I have no idea what the confusion was so we went along side the stopped crowd and got seats. We were all the way at the top but I didn't mind. We could see and had end seats. There was even an empty seat between me and the person sitting next to me.

When we were all seated they instructed us to do a few different things like booing and cheering so they could  get a few shots of the crowd. Right after that the show started with them announcing Nick Cannon. Of course Nick then introduced Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Howard Stern. They said their hellos to the crowds and sat down. We didn't see much of Nick Cannon and the judges rarely said anything to the crowd. There were a few shouts of "I love you Sharon!" and she never responded to them. A few people yelled out Howard Stern related things and he never acknowledged it either. We were a bit disappointed for those people who wanted attention but didn't get it. I'm sure the judges get things like this on these shows all the time and if they responded to each one they would keep coming and the show would take for ever to tape. Any how in between the acts they had a warm up entertainer Corey Live that really got the audience into the show. He did a great job. During intermission he played the music to "I'm Sexy and I Know It." and took video of the audience dancing to it. We were on the right side at the very top. Nope you can't see us but we were there.

So the girls went off to get us snacks to eat the drinks. They had a blast because apparently they were dancing around to the music and sing along as another group of teens joined in with them on their way back. When they made it back to their seats and sat down the show got started again.

Thankfully there was an empty seat between me and the boy to my left. Remember that rule no cell phones? Well this boy broke out his cell phone several times during the show. He even had a phone call. He was talking low enough not to disturb others but he boldly ignored the no cell phone request. Well he finally did it one to many times. Security or their hired staff came around and tapped him on the head with their walky talky antenna. That then made the guy mad and told him not to put "that thing" on his head. Yeah I though a shoulder tap would have worked better. I thought it was either going to go down right there, or security would have needed to be called. So after he was spoken to he sat back down in his seat and started mumbling. He was mad and wanted to loud talk a lady that was sitting in the row behind us. Since she looked to be Caucasian he called her prejudice because she shook her head at the silliness. I thought it was foolishness too. Am I prejudice? That claim is worn out. I'm sick of it being used in cases where it's not fair to say that. If I was his mom I would have been on him and embarrassed but she wasn't there. I just looked at the boy in a tell all look. His eyes bounce back and forth avoiding eye contact with anyone around him. He had to have been a young boy since he was sporting a letter jacket from a high school. Timing was right for the next act to come out as I turned my head in letting him know I wasn't jumping on board with his claims by clapping and cheering loud enough to cover his non sense. That was the only thing that was negative for that event. It could have been prevented by the young man obeying the rules. I have no idea why he felt he didn't need to obey the rules. Maybe he needed his phone we don't know. The reaction to the staff makes me thing otherwise. Just obey people. Just obey. The show had a couple of more acts after that and it was all done. They dismissed and we were on our way home.

 I'm excited to see the what the auditions will look like when the show airs. We had a few go to Vegas and a few didn't. There was one particular owl dude that stood out but nothing stranger than that. Over all it was a great thing to do with my girls. It was cool to see how they film these contest shows.

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