Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We've Got Some News to Share.

Hello everyone,
I haven't blogged in some time. Life gets busy as you all have experienced yourselves. As I typed this I had a little 19 month old in her high chair eating Strawberry Oatmeal repeating, "Mom. Mom. Mom." Each time I turn and say, "Yes?" she and just smiles. It's cute. She will usually start in with very expressive toddler babble using her hands and facial expressions to get her point across. For the moment it's just a smile. She's such a joy. We recorded a video of her showing us what she has learned. She seasoned it right in the middle with a spontaneous "Elmo!" Have a look here:

My older girls have turned 13! Wow I am proud to say officially have teens! Two of them... at the same time lol! God must have thought this was funny. We do have a lot of fun though. Their new request is to have facebook accounts. I'm going to have to really think on this one. One of my girls just got her first pair of glasses. She looks very studious in them. Or I should say she makes a pair of glasses look great.

My son is doing well too. He's up to the same things, Legos, school, and every electronic thing he can get his 11 year old hands on. He recently came in 2nd place with in his Lego Robotix class in the Sumo wrestling contest. They created robots that "Sumo wrestled" in a ring. I'm quite proud of him. It's amazing what the young mind can accomplish when allowed to learn and a great environment.

As for me and Rich, we are expecting baby #5! I'm 12 weeks today. My due date is September 21, 2011. Rich is hoping for a boy this time. Of course we won't be able to tell anything until week 16.
We are praying that
#1 we have a healthy baby
#2 this pregnancy is one without gestational diabetes
#3 less weight gain for me as possible.

This baby blessing is expected to be our last addition to our family. We'll be a family of 7. We favor that number. ;)

We are looking forward to warmer weather and having the new baby! Many blessings


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