Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Sewing Seeds of Love

Well this Saturday started a doctors appointment at 12pm for my daugter. I was supposed to be at a friends' birthday lunch but my daughter was ill. You know sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have a life outside of house and kids. I don't know but I DO know that right now my purpose is to bring up my four blessings in the way the Lord instructs me to.

So off to the doctor we went. Don't worry we serve a living and healing God! So she's on the mend!  *all the Christians that don't believe in meds or God anointing doctors close your eye and don't judge now* (lol)  My daughter is a trooper. She felt better after the doctor's appointment since they gave her a breathing treatment. The doctor did prescribe medication so while we were sitting in the parking lot of the doctors office I called to check to see if the pharmacy had our prescriptions send electronically. The lady said or what I thought she said they would be ready at 3pm. That was a great mistake of miscommunication on my side. So I think hmm ok we have till 3pm and it was only 12:50pm so and we decided we'd take a trip to the fabric store.

I had promised my daughter weeks ago that I'd fix her denim skirt that had become too short with tulle. So we browsed around the store a bit and got some bargain fabrics. She got her tulle for her skirt and I basically asked her opinion about every single fabric we got to engage her in decision making and conversation. She was happy to give her opinion too. It fits her very opinionated personality. After we were done at Hancock Fabrics we decided to walk down to Once Upon A Child (OUPAC). I really like the bargains at this store but I don't like the store or the quality of staff they hire. The store is crowded, stuffy and the employees rarely smile. I know the mark up is crazy compared to what they buy used clothes for. I tried to sell there once and decided to give away my clothes instead! I saw a price tag for .99 cents from the original store item came from and OUPAC was selling it for more. For goodness sakes OUPAC take off the original price tags before your mark up and hire some friendly happy staff please! So why do I shop there? Well because I do find some good bargains. We shopped around for Snugabear. Our Snugabear is almost 18 months old and is in a 2,3 or 4T depending on the brand. She's a big girl but doesn't have the height. So with our size issue of our precious sweetpea, we didn't have a big success. We walked out with 1 out of 4 garments that don't have to be returned.

So afterwards we had a good laugh about not really finding much on our way to the pharmacy. As we were driving to Walgreens we glanced over to our right side and saw McDonalds advertising coffee and smoothie drinks. I went past it as my daughter talked about how she enjoyed the Strawberry Banana smoothie. Yes, I did a detour and headed for McDs'. Yum! We enjoyed it for sure.

We got her prescription and I noticed the pharmacist said she had 3 prescriptions total instead of them being ready at 3pm. Oops! Oh awesome miscommunication! After our short time out and about we then headed home. I started right away on the skirt for her. I don't think she was about to let me forget either. The skirt became my Saturday sewing project. It was complete after an addictional trip to Hobby Lobby for more tulle and trim for the skirt. LOL yes I did say addictional because Hobby Lobby is addicting for me. I also got more tulle for tutu's for  the Snugabear. The long awaited skirt it was done! I hope she likes it. Something tells me she may not even wear it. The requirement is it's got to be worn with leggings. We don't allow our girls to wear short skirts, or short shorts. We aren't Amish but we aren't street walking either!

So after some quality time with my daughter I hope it will be a good day she'll remember. Just planting those seeds of "Mommy Loves me" in her.

Opps*those that had their eye closed earlier can open them now* ;P


Me said...

Sounds like so much fun. I am sure she will remember these times.

Tawanna said...

Thank you! lol I sure hope she does. lol goodness I had to proof read and correct again. I guess it's time for bed lol!

E. RaMona said...

Nothing like that Mommy-Daughter time. Priceless....and yes, she will remember.