Friday, April 08, 2011

Lets go...

Hello Everyone,
I'm sitting here ready to say forget everything lets get out and go! It's 72 degrees at the moment, and it's just beautiful outside. It's a great time to get up and go out right? No. The little tot is sleeping and the bigger tots are doing school work. The closest I'm going to get to going outside is going out on the balcony. That will work for now. When the little tot gets up then we'll fulfill that need to be out and about. We might go for ice cream or cupcakes. I hope getting out or relaxing on the balcony will help the headache I'm fighting off and the need to take a nap. The little tot decided it would be a great idea to wake her mommy and daddy up at 5 am. She was up and ready to play and start her day. That is exactly what she did too! She went down for her nap around 10 am. Yay an early break for mom! I hope this isn't a trend for her though.

I'm often asked how I'm doing with my pregnancy. Well I'm dealing with it. Doesn't sound too exciting does it? lol sorry. Lets try this again, eh I'm ok. I'm having headaches and sinus issues. It's not fun. I thought I felt the baby move a little bit last week. I don't think I've felt much of anything since then. I'm 15-16 weeks. Why the range? Well they changed my due date to Sept 29th instead of the 21st. It's odd because my LMP was Dec 15th. but the ultrasound said the baby was measuring smaller. We hope to find out if we are having a boy or girl this month. My appointment is later this month so I'll be passed the 16th week mark. That's about all with the pregnancy update. Come on September!!!

Ok enough typing... I'm going to sit outside for a bit.

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