Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chop it, Store it, Save it.

Hello All,
I hope your holiday season is going well. I want to share some little tips in this blog. I found this idea on Great Day St. Louis. I forgot what day or I would have linked to it on their site. Any how to save space in your refrigerator or freezer you can store your ground meats flat. You take the meat out of the store packaging, place it in a ziplock bag and flatten it. I some times use a rolling pin to flatten or just the palm of my hand. Make sure to get the air out and seal it. Then it lays flat in your freezer or refrigerator. Another thing to do is make each bag of meat 1lb.

Another space and time saver is chopping up your veggies such as bell pepper, onions, etc and storing them in the freezer. I've learned that when my buying is larger than my use, I should chop and freeze. I missed my contacts while chopping onions! *tear drop* Doing this is easy, saves time, space and money. Just chop it, bag it, and freeze it. I use regular ziplock bags. This makes dinner time smooth with out having to chop veggies. If you buy the pre chopped it may cost more. This way you know the quality of food you have before you freeze it. Once frozen you can store them horizontally on the shelf or vertically on a door shelf.

There you have Happy Holidays!


T.T said...

I utilize these handy tips a lot as I do a significant portion of my grocery shopping at Sam's Club and Costco.
In addition to standard Ziploc freezer bags and manually forcing the air out, I also use the Reynolds Handi-Vac to suck the air out of the bags.
"Chop it, Store it, Save it" is definitely the cheaper way to go and you know exactly when it was purchased and frozen.

Tawanna said...

Oh neat idea! I didn't think about using those Handi-vac bags! I've been known to forget to label the bags though. I like knowing what is frozen. I don't know I'm a little suspicious of pre packaged stuff some times. I buy it but it's something about knowing what quality for food you've actually bought and frozen. It makes dinner preparations easier too.

akamissj said...

This is a really cool post, Tawanna! Never thought of flattening the meat or freezing bell peppers. Peppers always wind up going bad on me which is why I don't buy them much but now I can start again! Thanks! :)