Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Little g is Growing

Happy Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone! I hope your holiday season is a great one. Remembering the reason for the season always puts things in to perspective.
When our little girl was born we decided that we would use gdiapers. These are hybrid diapers which means you can use disposable liners that you just flush or throw away. They are biodegradable! You can also use cloth inserts that you can wash. We liked that flexablity so we stocked up. Our little one was born 9 lbs 8.8oz and quickly moved on to the medium. She grew right through those into the large. I sold off the mediums on the gdiaper list and she's been in the large size. Well as you may have guessed she's grown out of the large. Our little one is just a big baby. She's 17 months and a solid bundle of joy! Her growing left me looking to other options. The gdiapers snaps were leaving marks on her as she grew and we weren't having that! While researching diapers we bought an Australian hybrid diaper called Booroi. I liked that the snaps were on the outside and I liked the look of the gdiaper. So not finding something that I really liked, I decided to make my own diapers. I used the gdiaper styles of closure and the Booroi's deisign of using the PUL to cover the whole diaper instead of an insert. I don't have a pattern for download but here are a few photos. I tired to put a little trip on it. So far I've got 6 or so of these diapers. We are using the flip cloth inserts and we've had no leaks yet! I'm liking them! Have a look..
This is the pattern I used. I based it off the gdiaper
and made it larger of course.

Here are 3 of the diapers I've made.
I added a little trim on the edges to some.

Here is the inside of it. It's all PUL.
I used the thin elastic on the sides to gather it.

Here are the velcro closures on the sides. 

 Here is a close up of the trim.

This is the inside of the diaper.

So far so good with our homemade hybrid diapers!


Maydom said...

I do like yours better than the g diapers by the edges and yours being velcro! And it seems easier to just throw them into the washer than taking them apart and losing pieces! We used them with Curran via Ranae Wood. It was awesome! She had left overs (alot) and shared with us.

Miranda said...

I really love your ingenuity--fast thinking mom! The diapers you created are really cute as well. I have thought about diapers & I hate the idea of throwing so many away...! In a child's lifetime it has to be thousands! so the biodegradable option is certainly an interesting one to me.

jill said...

did you find that these were still stretchy enough with the inside being pul? thanks