Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Dirty Smile

So this is our dining room table on this grand lazy Saturday. We do plan on being productive but later on in our own timing. This picture above provides a challenge for me. I want to clean it. I look at it and think, "Whoa! I'm a bad house keeper! That needs to be put away... why is this on the table anyway? Who put that there? What in the world is the toilet paper on the table!?" Yes there is toilet paper on the table it's beside the hole puncher, hidden by the laptop screen. In fact between the time I took this photo and posted this blog the table has gotten messier! I could go on and on about how this picture makes me cringe. I'd love to have a model display home. One of my favorite things to do while building our home was to browse display homes at a home builder sites. It made me smile, sometimes. It made me laugh at times too. Mostly I got ideas of how I'd like my dream home. Everything was in place. The house was clean, it smelled good and it looked good! Even if I wasn't keen on the decor, the house was clean. I like a clean home. I struggle with that. In fact it's a new phenomenon with me. When my kids were toddlers I wished for a clean home but rarely had one. Now, I wish for one and its become a slight obsession at points. It's not at the mysophobia stage but a unclean home still bothers me. So as you might get by now, this picture above would make me miss what it actually means.

Yes the dining table is messy. My girls are making crafts and busy with doing their things they find fun. They are smiling, talking, amusing themselves in a healthy way. No they aren't sitting reading a book, or making the whole world change. They are making my world change for the better. So when I take a second look at this photo, it makes me smile. It makes me laugh too. Oh it will be cleaned up at some point today but for now I'll let it be.

I originally meant for this to be an entry on this blog but didn't notice which blog I was posting to when I clicked "publish post" so this entry is also on my photo blog. It's not the greatest quality of photos but I've decided to leave it since it sort of works.


TonyR said...

I love this picture! When I look at it I don't see messy, I see family, I see a "home", I see love.

This post absolutely speaks to my heart. As my kids have grown older and we have less "table time", I miss those days of mess.

Thanks for making me smile today.

akamissj said...

Your house looks like a "home" and when I think of "home" I think of a place full of family, love and laughter. I definitely think that's way better than having a "dirty" or "messy" table. :) Love this post Tawanna!