Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jedi Tutus

I recently made a tutu for our little one. The no sew tutus are great and easy to make. I used this tutorial for mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5QO_OI1t70. I got my tulle from Hobby Lobby for about 4.99 a roll. These rolls are 6 inches wide and 25 yards long. I liked this tutorial because it used the rolls I bought. The others are fine but they used the bolt of tulle that I did not buy.  For this tutu I used  3 rolls. I used 2 rolls of a darker pink and 1 roll of darker pink. I counted about 10 or 11 knots and switched to the lighter color pink for 5 knots, then back to the darker pink and so on. She was sleep by the time I finished it so we waited till the next morning to let her try it on. She seemed to like her tutu. It was so darling to see her around the house in this cute thing. When her big brother came down in his Jedi robe and light saber she became quite interested...

Is this how you turn it on?


 lol He's such a great big brother! Watching these two play can sometimes bring tears of joy to my eyes. I don't mean to get mushy but I love seeing the kids enjoy one another.

So the tutu might be a little big but she liked it. I do plan to make more. My older girls want them too! Fun easy thing to do. Make one. :)


Orlandrea said...

Absolutely adorable. The tutu and the kids playing together. LOL

Tawanna said...

It was one of those awwww lol parenting moments I was glad to get on camera.