Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Knitting needles

So I've decided to make my own knitting needles. It was just a fun thing I thought I would do since I just learned to knit. I prefer the wooden needles so I bought some wooden skewers and used a pencil sharpener to sharpen the ends. I painted them, put a gloss on last and super glued a wooden ball to stop the yarn from slipping off the end. Here is a photo tutorial of what I did. This is my first tutorial so please bear with me.

Here are the things I used. I went to my local craft store and purchased wooden skewers. There are a variety of sizes so choose which ever size you prefer to use. I used a pencil sharpener to sharpen the skewers. I use basic acrylic paint, clear gloss top coat and a basic paint brush. I used super glue and wood beads for the ends of the skewers. I used a styrofoam to help glue on the wooden bead.

Sharpen one end of the wooden skewer like a pencil in a pencil sharpener. 

I like for mine not to have a really sharp end because I find that it catches the yarn too much.

After sharpening, paint the skewer from top to bottom. Here is a creative canvas to make your knitting needles personal and one of a kind. I painted the needles at the top left corner a bit more creative. Let the paint dry. If you don't wish to paint designs, using thin stickers may be an option. I've not tried so I can't say that it's a successful option. 

After the paint has dried apply a couple of coats of the gloss for a top coat. Let the gloss dry. After the gloss has dried, stick the skewer in the styrofoam to balance it. Use the super glue to glue the wooden beads to the end of the skewer.

That's it! I've made a few of these just for fun of different sizes.

Hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for reading.

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