Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ever feel like you are one of the oddest people on earth? Ever think "I bet no one ever does this." These are my thoughts on a daily basis. Some people may think it's an insult but I don't. I quite like being the odd ball God made me to be. I favor the off beat life. It took me a long while to figure out the desire to be "normal" was like chasing the wind. Maybe its more like following a tornado. The moment you think something is normal, society changes it's out of style, so last year, yada yada... it's not the norm. Things and lifestyles get old, times change, people change. Chasing "the norm" or what's in is tiresome and here is why:

Once I realized that it's not society that should determine who I am, but God, I found peace. Now it's normal in my world not to fit the mold that people would assume I would. I find there is no gain in being accepted into social circles or having the approval of others. There is such a blessing in being accepted into the Lord's kingdom and having His approval. Let me just say, His way isn't always reflected in man's behavior. Sounds all great right? Well it took me a long long while to realize that. I had to experience a lot of serious life mess ups to get here. In fact I still have to deal with past decisions due to not obeying God but doing what man said I should do. I've found that when ever I do try to do what man said, I end up rejected anyway!

Honestly, rejection hurts, but the degree of hurt depends on who is doing the rejecting ;).  I've learned over time that I won't fit in a mold. Even when I tried (several times) I was eventually rejected, left in a bad way, and ended up learning a valuable lesson I had to recover from. It was difficult but I learned! Now I have preteens going through some of the same things I did at their age. I've got no miracle solutions other than to live in God's word (talk the talk and walk the walk), pray pray and pray some more, and be an excellent listener. That listener part is hard. I find myself wanting to explain more than I they really think they absorb. If you've got a parenting manual can you pass it my way?

Normality is relevant I guess. Like I said, it took me a while to like being Un-normal.
I sure like it now.

Ahh yes, God is Good... all the time. :)

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