Sunday, October 24, 2010

You know I'm Bad! Bad Bad-really, really Bad

Friday I went out to Whole Foods to get a couple of things for my daughter. We had a good drive there and were in good moods ready to find a new product we wanted to try. While shopping and minding our own business, a lady comes up and wants my 15 month old to smile at her. Why!?? Well first off this lady is a total stranger and wants to get someone new to this world to smile at her. While my toddler was comfortable with us, she was in a new environment which made the situation a little odd for her I'm sure. I mean really if you were in a unfamiliar place and an excited stranger approached you speaking words you didn't quite understand how would you react? I'd be a little alarmed and leery myself.  It's an invasion of space and has got to be some what scary for them. When I see a baby in public I smile while on my merry way. I will not invade their space. If I want to pay a compliment I'll talk to the parents in passing. I won't touch the child. I'd hope they are getting enough cuddles and such from their parents. It's not a strangers job to do. Ladies remember when you were pregnant and a stranger would want to touch your belly and it gave you the creeps or felt very invasive? Imagine what children feel like!

So this lady continues on while my toddler is looking at her like she's an alien. The lady still doesn't get a clue.   I needed to get this lady away without causing a scene. I don't know her and I want to be aware of how my words can effect others. So I said, "Oh she's just had her immunizations." Well that did it. Before I could finish my sentence the lady backed off like we had a disease, her expression of excitement turned to one of disgust, and said, "Oh don't talk to me about those things." She pointed and shook her finger as she said, "Bad! Bad! Bad!" and walked off. Well! How about a little insult and judgement from a stranger for you there mom!

I realize that people have very strong opinions about immunizations. People are allowed and I appreciate different opinions in life, however I feel that we have a responsibly to convey our thoughts in a respectful manner. By the way, I've heard the arguments about immunizations and it could have been a good conversation. This lady obviously had an opinion about immunizations and an opportunity (a stolen one at that!) to inform me of her reasons why immunizations where "Bad! Bad! Bad!" in her own words. Instead she planted seeds of negativity and left a mother feeling condemned with out reason. I don't like to let people ruin my day but this one put a little rain cloud out there for some time. I really didn't relax until later on that day. So I took that shade and water from the rain cloud and used the situation as an example to my girls of how not to behave.

Listen, I have my own opinions in life I'm passionate about. There are things I wish would change too but I will not degrade myself and others in voicing my opinions. I've had this happen to me on a number of occasions from friends, strangers, and family. People get really irate when others don't agree with them and they can't seem to control themselves in a mature manner. Instead these adults lose it, insult others and ultimately lose the person or audience they desire to change.  Why not respectfully inform others? You will not get a person to change their minds by insults. It only makes the person look hateful and plants negative things to reap in the future. Is it worth reaping in the future? Keep in mind it's going to yield a harvest greater than what you planted.

So beware space invaders when you decide to impart your uninvited words to another, you may want to make them positive because your "harvest" will come.


TonyR said...

Wow, people are just... um let's just say in need of prayer.
I will say this you are Good, Good, Good, really, really GOOD!
You are an amazing wife, mom and friend and that's all that matters!

Tawanna said...

Tony you are awesome! Thank you for all the encouragement. It is a blessing to witness you reaping your harvest of goodness!

Karen said...

That woman's attitude is totally Bad, BAd, BAD!