Sunday, May 16, 2010

Juggling till the Sun shines.

Hello everyone!

Life is good. Today we got to sit and chat with some dear friends after church. I really enjoy this family. It's pleasant to know others friends have kids just like ours! We just might be normal or at least we know another family like ours! We plan to take the kids our later to day for some ice cream. We usually go to Sheridan's because we like the frozen custard but goodness their customer service can be improved! The one in IL is a 1000 times better. In fact we used to go there so much they sort of know my order and they are always always pleasant. I'm going to have to let the owner know that.

So far our family has been busy with school, work, home business and life with a soon to be toddler! Our schedule is a juggle but it's good. I'm constantly thinking of ideas for our home business. I often thought, "If I just had a pen and paper with me I could write this down." I have an iphone to keep notes on but it's always elsewhere! I've been in a crafty mode so I decided to make me a pouch. It's kind of goofy but I can wear it around the house. It's small enough to keep on my waist just for my pen and paper. I had a small note pad but our littlest cub decided it was good to chew on. So I have a chewed on note pad. I also made a skirt for Mother's Day!

Well the girls are coming to the end of their first Girl Scouts year. We are planning their awards dinner to be this Friday. We are praying it goes well. The kids are still in school. Oh the joys of homeschooling!

We are trying the year round schooling. We've got about 50 or so lessons to complete. Our mornings are usually filled with Math lessons. Math is not my favorite subject at all. We are doing ABEKA 6th grade math and ABEKA 4th grade math. Thank God for the manuals they send! We are doing well though. I'm trying to teach the kids that even if they don't like a subject they can still learn it. After math is done the rest of the day is pretty easy. Our little sunshine is usually sleep during math class. By the time she wakes math is over and we are moving on. To be honest I'm not sure about this year round schooling. I'm used to having a summer break. Hmmm... Well we do get our regular breaks during the year. I like being able to adjust our schedule to accommodate breaks during the school year and implement plans to help them focus and learn better. Homeschooling can be such a joy. I do appreciate our freedoms.

Well our littlest cub is turning 10 months soon! She's standing, crawling and trying to cruise the furniture a bit. We think she may be walking by her first birthday. 

We had her baby dedication May 2, 2010. She talked through the whole thing!  My mother has been sending me beautiful outfits for her. This is what she wore for her baby dedication. We all enjoy watching her explore and learn new things. She's learned to wave hi and bye. We think she says a soft, "Hey" but we aren't quite sure. She enjoys baths but isn't fond of water being in her eye at all!

This past week has been a rainy one. We are looking forward to being able to go to the park more often or just taking a nice walk around the neighborhood. Sun does a body good. I thrive in warm weather. It makes me happy just being out in the great weather. So hopefully Spring will brighten up and we'll be out and about. 

Well keep gazing up at the amazing God we have. Keep being amazed at His wonders and magnificence. It's a blessing to continually be in awe about our God. I am daily with his blessings on our lives.

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