Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a splendid Father's Day! Our Father's Day was ok. Our littlest one has been a bit under the weather. She is on the mend though. Praise God for His healing!
My wonderful husband got to watch sports all day. I was glad to let him. It was so little to ask in compared to all he does. He's a wonderful man. I was honored to celebrate his 40th birthday with him this week! This was his first Father's Day being a father of an infant! Our little one is going to be 11 months soon. We all have enjoyed every bit of the time. She's such a little joy, as the older children are too. There is just something so special about watching a child grow up in the first year of life. It's priceless!
While we all enjoy the littlest cub, the older ones are just as enjoyable. I get to do big kid things with them. The latest project is Craft Hope. We did Project 8 Gulf Coast Oil Spill, which is providing help in the Gulf. Please read more about it here. We sent towels to them and 2 bottles of Dawn soap. We are so honored to help in this relief effort. You can too! We aren't the most crafty people but in the end, I don't think the craft skill level is important in compared to the help needed. Jump in and help. Not to toot our own horns or anything but we so excited to be helping in some way! It was fun doing this with the kids!

Well I've got a bit to do tomorrow. So I'm off for now! 

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T.T said...

Praise the Lord, indeed. I'm glad that the littlest one is getting better.
Glad to know that Rich had an enjoyable Father's Day as well. The thought of children having a great dad and mentor such as he just warms my heart. May you both keep up such great work.
I've just briefly checked out the Craft Hope site and I'm thinking that it'd be nice for the kids and I to take part as well. School is out for the summer but I'm at work during the day and they're at VBS at Church in the evenings this week, so I'm thinking next week-ish. I'll definitely keep you posted if we do. Thanks for the recommendation.