Monday, March 15, 2010

Saving Time and Money!

Here are a couple of places I use while shopping online. We have a 7 month old so I this place all the time. You can get free next day delivery when you spend 49.00! I always end up spending enough to get the next day delivery. I'm there now shopping for baby proofing items! I love it because I don't always want to hassle with getting all the kids ready to go out shopping. So this online store helps with that in offering next day delivery. Love it! Click the image to save and use the code!

Get $10 off
your first order of diapers
use code HAPP1243
$49 min. total order
buy diapers

Ok here is another money saving tip: Use Cashbaq! Click the link

 I got a check in the mail for $13.53 for shopping online. It's all free. Just sign up use their links to the shops to save. So here is my shopping for today, going to cashbaq, use their link to save on my purchase! They have tons of shops there so where ever you shop check the site first to see if you can save a few on your purchase. They will send you a check or deposit into your pay pal account. Love it!

Now off to my baby proofing!

Live Well.

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