Monday, January 04, 2010

Taking a journey

I've decided I would take a journey. This particular one will be a long term one. One of excitement, uncertainty and prayer lead direction. I'm excited about it and was inspired and encouraged by my husband. He's such an encouraging wonderful man. I thank God for him daily. He's given me such encouragement and I appreciate his support. This journey is one that I feel is God inspired. I feel that in this season I have found another purpose. It's going to be fun. What is this journey? It's a creatively personal one. It's one that will take some time, and will be lead by the Lord. I'm happy.

Well good bye 2009! It is a year that I'm glad to see go! The Cullen family has experienced an amazingly difficult year. Stressful blessings, if there is such a thing? We moved into the realm of being a family of 6. We've moved into a new beautiful home, and we had to let our Yorkie go to another home. It was a year of ups and downs and all arounds. Goodness it was a roller coaster ride! I'm glad to get off and walk through the amusement park of life. Yes I do see life sort of like an amusement park. Either you are on a tea cup ride going in chaotic circles of decisions, on the exciting, scary and unpredictable roller coaster of a grand life changing event, or enjoying a stroll through the park watching others take their turns on various life rides. Whatever life stage you are in, try and enjoy it. Find some amusement in what's going on around you. I had to do that several times in 2009. It sure does/did help me in troubled and good times. I wasn't always successful at it but laughter is good for the body. I struggled to find humor in taking insulin shots in my stomach that rarely regulated Gestational Diabetes for the first time in my life. I did however find a lot of humor in having a C-section for the first time. Wow that was an adventure! I'm sure the nurses in the OR had a laugh at me too. I just couldn't get past not being able to feel my legs during the procedure. Using my arms to raise up off the operating table and grab at a nurse to tell her "You don't understand I need to walk now!" was a bit out there. Our little blessing is here and we are all enjoying her. She's such a joy. I guess she is living up to the meaning of her name!

Yesterday marked the last day of the Christmas break. My wonderful husband is back at work. We are thanking the Lord for God blessing him with continual employment. The kids are back in school. They vow to wake up early enough to get through a school day early. LOL! Well with homeschooling we have the option of changing the schedule. I've got to get on grading and decorating the school rooms.

The girls have wanted to join Girl Scouts. That's been a project left on the back burner. The great thing is we have found some home school focused Girls Scout groups. I've got to dig my heals in and research to see if this is the right thing for the girls. They've missed their singing, and acting classes too. It's time to get back into that and see things blossom with in them. I'm thinking Boy Scouts and Karate for my son. *Thinking!* I've not decided yet. The Upward soccer season was over in November. I do appreciate the Upward Sports. It's something we will keep with.

The baby is doing well! She's 5 months and has two cute little teeth at the bottom! She is almost sitting stable. She'll sit by herself with supervision at this stage. She's a little noise maker. We love to hear it. It's funny because we all go, "awwww!" when she makes little noises. This is one loved little girl. She's got tons of love coming from her older sisters. They have been absolutely wonderful with her. I think they feel that she is a live doll. We often hear them express their feelings of not wanting her to grow up. I told them she is going to be turning 1 in July and from their reaction you would have thought their world was crashing down! It's wonderful to have children who love one another. Now, if we can just get them to be fair to everyone else in the family we'd be on to something! This reminds me, I do need to start reading the Power of a Praying Parent again. I've read this book a few times and it always helps me. I can see a great change when I read it. Praying over the children is so important. It combats so many obstacles.
Now, if I can just get our New Years Photo Cards to arrive, we can send out late Happy New Year cards lol! We didn't do Christmas Cards this year since I didn't get to designing them on time. I've got to better manage taking the photographs of family and coming up with a design I like better. Oh well I was told via Facebook it's better late than never to send out the photo cards. It's good to be loved regardless of your faults.

Any how I'm rambling! I'm so glad to see 2009 go. A good friend of mine told me that the number 9 was the number for judgment. Very interesting since I've heard most often that 2009 was a trying year for people. I do pray that 2010 is a blessed year filled with joy for you! May God love on you and shower you with his goodness.

Now, I must continue on my journey.


Donalacasa said...

"Stressful blessings" is a most appropriate phrase, and I agree with 9 being the number for judgment. Our family went through the fire in 2009. I pray blessings on your family this year, dear friend, and pray that the Lord will strengthen you to be able to meet every goal that you set.

"The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26


Alaiyo said...

So glad to see you on here. Many prayers and blessings for you and your family in 2010!