Monday, January 05, 2009

Winter Brings the Comfort of Family

I need a snuggie. Yes we saw the infomercial and I want one.

Well it is winter time! I guess you already knew that. According to the Farmer's Almanac we have 74 more days till Spring. Over the holidays it seemed like it was spring time with the temps getting up to the 60's. I enjoyed the weather but the high winds were a bit worrisome. Soon after that we are seeing lower temps again. I wonder if we will see any snow this year. I wonder what sort of summer will come. I am looking forward to warmer weather. I felt like God was sending me a present with the high temps for a couple of days. Winter is my lease favorite season of the year. I start dreading it in late August. I know it is coming. I long to live in a climate that is tropical. Until, my prayer is that I will be comfortable with my life where ever I am. I thank God for a comfortable home that keeps us warm. I am thankful to be able to stay home and have a wonderful husband. No warm climate could replace the love of a family and home.

The holidays went well. We heard from family and friends. The kids were happy as we celebrated the birth of our Savior. 2009 is here and I am thankful to be able to see it. I pray that your New Years went well. Ours did. I look forward to seeing what the year brings. I have so much to be thankful for already.

Life is very interesting around here. I'm basically a ball of emotions during this first trimester of this pregnancy. The first trimester is like that though nothing out of the norm. I often wonder if it's just me or are people really insensitive with what they say to a pregnant woman? I have no idea but it seems so. Someone actually asked me WHY we would have more kids as if we were making a bad decision. Yeah this is the type of thing I'm talking about. Then there are those that think pregnancy is easy, not a problem at all. Then there are those that say things like "Better you than me!" Those are the people that don't want kids and don't know how to keep their mouth shut about it, have no idea what a blessing a child is, or have no respect for the family unit. It is funny to see the different reactions people have. This is child number four. Am I worried about having more kids? No. Do I think four is too many? No. As a matter of fact I wish I was having boy/girl twins. I have friends that have more than four and love every bit of it. I have been fortunate to have very few silly reactions, but many many of our friends are happy for us. We are happy for us. I am, but the hormonal surge isn't my happiness so well. That is one of the hardest things to deal with is the huge hormonal surge. After reading when, why, what and how, it puts things in perspective that I can understand. As long as I have an understanding of it, I can deal with it ok. With my first three I had no idea about the hormones. I thought I was just being mean as I was told. I also struggled with postpartum and had no idea what it was. No one explained the reason for it. I had to read up on the whole thing myself. Good for me lol! With age comes maturity and wisdom. I am now re reading a book called Supernatural Childbirth. I had it 9-10 years ago when I had my first 3. It is an amazing book it gave me the encouragement I was needing. With it being a 9 year gap this pregnancy things is all new. Yes I've had 3 before but each pregnancy is unique. It's unpredictable and as the years have passed I have forgotten about the weekly development of the baby, what to do about the symptoms. I remember a bit but it's nothing like relieving it to refresh your memory. In August 2009 we will welcome our baby into the world. I am excited. As I see all the new babies around I can't wait to have a newborn. We often talk about the baby at the dinner table. Yes it will be a British born American lol! He or she will have dual citizenship (British and American). Yes, we know it will be a biracial baby. Some have actually brought this to my attention. Yes we too wonder what color eyes and hair he or she will have. My husband has blue eyes, I have brown. You say brown wins out? Scientifically, not all the time. We will have what God gives us. At this point we are wondering if the baby is a boy or girl. I can't wait to find out so we can start preparing for the nursery. It is all so exciting. Babies are so precious. The kids are really excited. Any time we pass the baby section they get so excited. I don't think I will be taking the girls shopping with me often! They will want us to buy out the store! I love their excitement though. They pray nightly for me to have a healthy pregnancy. I love it. Ash asked, "So how many more weeks do we have to wait until we can choose if it is a boy or girl." Funny! We shall be able to see in about 8-13 more weeks so the books and websites say. I have a great doctor and all is going well. I am 10 weeks.

I've had some back pain here lately so I decided to go to a Holistic Chiropractor. My first appointment was really interesting. They did a lot of testing. When I went back for the 2nd one, I had chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. It was really different. I did feel relaxed after leaving. The needles were a bit strange. I thought it was going to be painless but not the first time. It wasn't painful at all but not painless. The needles do give a little pinch when the put them on. After that it is painless. I had them in my ears, back, top of the head, legs and face. It was a good experience. I'm supposed to have three treatments a week. We shall see how it works!

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