Saturday, November 29, 2008

Those Two Lines

You know when something major happens in your life you have those emotional ups and downs? Well I'm there. I am so there! See we have been planning to have children. We actually started trying seriously in September. I took note of my cycles and marked ovulation days. I knew I was very fertile and I told my husband if he looked at me I'd be pregnant! Well Monday the 24th I was a day late on my cycle. I thought, could it be?! I called a good friend who is a nurse and asked her how early can I test. She gave me great advice. I was going to wait until the morning to take a pregnancy test. I then returned a phone call to another good friend and mentioned I was late. She told me to get it over with already and just take the test. She said her niece would test before she was late to see. So after I got off the phone with her, I did it. I took the last pregnancy test. With in a few seconds it showed two lines. One dark which was my positive like and one sort of pink which was the test line. I as surprise. I jumped around all excited thinking, "Oh my gosh how am I going to tell him!?" I was so excited I tried to think of creative ways to tell my husband. Should I wait until he gets home from work? Should I tell him as soon as possible!? I was so excited to tell him. So I took a photo of the two lines on the test and emailed it to him with the subject: I love you. I send him I love you emails all the time. So I know when he opened it he would be surprised. At the bottom of the emails I said, "I guess we should settle on names now." Within a few minutes the phone rang and it was my dear husband. After he got off the phone he immediately called his mom in England to tell her. He told me she cried. I was amused to hear she was so happy. I emailed a few close friends to let them know the news of our positive test. It was great to have that joyful support and prayers. My husband came home with flowers and chocolates in hand. The card on the flowers read, "To the mother of my 4 wonderful kids." He's such a sweetheart. The kids never questioned why he bought me flowers and I loved that. We contemplated telling them. I thought maybe we should wait until I'm bigger. We knew they have been wanting a new sibling, so we called them all to the kitchen table. We asked them to read the card. Ang read the card and it was silent for a moment. They said 4? We just looked and smiled. They said, "Dad?" We said, "Noooo!" silence again. Then Ash says, "We are going to have a new baby sister or brother???" We nodded and the shouts came out. I thought they were going to cry too! We were so happy. The kids were jumping all around in excitement. A bit later we decided to go out to eat. We haven't stopped smiling since then.

Well what now? The other say my husband wanted to buy diapers at Target. He's already picked out the nursery set we are going to get. He already had his boy named chosen before we were even married. I love, I absolutely love the fact that he is so involved and wants a family. I adore him and his love for family. We didn't get diapers the other night. In fact I think we may not go with the average on the shelf diaper. I think we may go with an eco friendly flushable diaper. I've been searching on the internet for them and came across . I can't wait to start shopping for maternity clothes, diapers, and nursery items! It's such an exciting pregnancy. Monday I have my first doctor's appointment. We are going together. We pray that it all turns out alright!

Yes, I am about 4/5 weeks pregnant!


ILuvBNaMom said...

Reading the story of how you told your husband and the kids made me cry - though I've got those pregnancy hormones going on so I cry all the time. I'll be praying for your new little one!

Mama Jenn said...

Again, I am so happy for you all! I love the way that you "told" your husband about the baby! Very cute idea!!!