Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baby Arrival vs. Home Building... The Countdown is on!

You know, I think I might be one of those in and out bloggers. Oh well as you all know life can get busy. It has been a little around here. It's funny though because while I feel really lazy it always seems to be something to do. I don't mind it. At least it's keeping things going. Boredom can cause people to do some crazy things. I don't want to be that person doing crazy things. I'm loony enough nowadays.

Well the latest question is, "Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?" Well we don't have 100% answer on this. I had an ultrasound at 16 weeks to see but the cord was in the way. Hmmm... The Dr. said he was about 70% sure we are having a... I'm not telling you yet, not until we are sure! I have an ultrasound at my 20 week mark to have the baby measured so maybe then we will know for sure. We do have names picked out! I can feel the baby move on occasion. It gives me a happy feeling when it happens. The movements bring a reality to the pregnancy. It's not just me being big, it's a baby in there! I admit the experience of having a baby again is exciting. Most days I'm feeling "pregnant" you know, big, uncomfortable, and well big. I'm 18 weeks now and showing. I got some comfortable stretchy Maternity jeans. I prefer the ones with the band that covers the belly to the one that fits only underneath. I had the pants with the newer cute band that fits underneath the belly but as I grew it didn't grow with me. Now I have the traditional ones. Sometimes the old way is best. I am looking forward to being able to wear summer dresses.

So since this baby is coming along 9 years after my last pregnancy all the pregnancy experience is sort of new again. Not in a "new mom" way but I fail to remember the stages of pregnancy in depth. I find myself looking at the weekly progress to find out the development progress. I don't know when we should start buying items, or when we should have a baby shower. Some people don't have baby showers after the 2nd child or so but we are. We are thinking of having a fun get together where everyone and their kids can come and hang out or something along those lines. We don't know for sure yet. I know I do want it to be different than the traditional women only baby shower. Maybe we can finally have that BBQ in the summer!

Other than baby happenings, our home is finally making progress. We have broken ground ladies and gents! Yay! I am really excited and happy to know that trucks are digging, pushing, and driving around. Action is happening! The planning stages were great but I find myself really happy to see it actually coming to. My wonderful husband goes and stalks the lot on a daily basis. I do eagerly wait for his lunch time phone calls to give me an update. Even though I tease him about his lot stalking, it keeps me in touch on the progress too. This has been such a great experience for us to go through together. An estimated 120 days for the home to be complete. I've got an estimated 149 days until the baby arrives. We are cutting it close aren't we? Prayers have gone up daily about this whole process. The Lord has really blessed us! Oh and we feel we have even found a home church close to where we will be moving.

Our son completed another Lego Agents model. We've tried to steer him away from the Star Wars obsession. It was getting to be overboard. So I was really glad to see him complete a different model by himself. I was proud. I even snapped a photo. The girls are really excited about having a birthday this week. They will be 11. One of our girls wants a pet rabbit. She's found one on and we are trying to adopt it. This will be our 2nd rabbit as a pet. The first one passed away. The rabbit she found is used to being around dogs and children which is a great plus! I admit I am getting excited to have a goofy rabbit around. I do think they are cute and I'm happy it's not another dog! So what we plan to do is give her a cage with a stuffed bunny in holding her birthday card. When she opens the card she'll read when we can get her bunny. We are hoping the adoption works out. Our other daughter wants just a Raggedy Ann doll. She is rather frugal when we ask her about things she wants. We suspect her love language is quality time. So it makes sense that she doesn't usually come up with the expensive stuff as her sister can. We do appreciate her company and the break in expenses! They do plan on sharing the rabbit. I'm sure it will some how become a family pet. So then after this adoption we will have 1 Black Labrador Retriever, 1 Yorkshire Terrier, 1 Turtle, and 1 Rabbit. I am praying we don't get talked into any more pets.
Well today is supposed to be warm. I'm thinking we will make a point to enjoy it. Oh the baby just moved!

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