Saturday, November 08, 2008


We just came back from a wonderful family vacation! God is so good in allowing this blessing. We went to Disneyland in Anaheim California. We left October 31st and came back November 5th. While we were in the sunny land of California we went to Disneyland, California Adventures, Disney studios, Lego Land and Sea World. We also got to visit the a Disney studio set. The whole vacation was a blast! We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel and enjoyed the Lilo and Stitch breakfast. While we sat and had breakfast the Disney characters roam around and mess with people. We also had breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe with the characters. All of the characters came up and found my son's Mohawk fascinating. Yes it is quiet cool. A lady ask to take a photo of him while waiting in line at Sea World! She said "You are so lovely!" I was a bit surprised but, he did get a lot attention for his "cool hair." In fact after we left the Disney studios I got word that his hair was a the topic of conversation. I love it, after all I was the one to cut it like that.

So where are the pictures?! Well, the camera bag was accidentally left on the kitchen island so I good photos. I was limited to a cell phone and the HD Camcorder camera option. I did get lots videos of our trip. We did get a few photos taken by the Disney photographers and a disposable camera.

We arrived in CA at about 11pm. When we got to the hotel we were all excited and very awake. We were so happy to begin our vacation there. The kids loved seeing the Palm Trees.

The first day we went to Disneyland and had tons of fun. The crowds were not bad at all. We all rode our fair share of rides. Ash however refuses to go on any roller coaster that looks a bit extreme. She only sat out on two of them though. I was proud of her.

The second day we we went to Lego land. I wasn't too impressed to visit California only for the park but was a neat place to include on the trip. The Lego displays were amazing. They had a few fun rides. My son actually enjoyed screaming on purpose on the roller coaster rides that were not that "exciting." I guess he was making a rather sarcastic point. The kids got their drivers license from the Volvo Fun Driving School. They got to drive small cars that went up to a whole 2 MPH. I am slightly envious of their cute drivers license pictures. The best ride for me at Lego Land, was the Sky Cruiser. It's a track set high above the park with pedal cars. I think the kids liked the roller coasters. After Lego Land in Carlsbad we drove back to Anaheim to meet Ang, she was a beautiful bridesmaid in our wedding. I sure miss her!

The Third day we went to California Adventures which is right across from Disneyland. We enjoyed this place. Again, the lines were not long at all. In fact we rode the Orange Stinger about 4 or 5 times! The kids loved that ride. It was rather neat to fly high in swings. 3 out of 5 of us rode the California Screamin'. My son and daughter did not want to chance the loop. While were were walking around the park I got a good news text message from Ang. Since the girls are into acting, Ang wanted to surprise the girls with a tour of a couple of sets. Her sister, and another friend of mine, is an Associate Producer for a Disney Channel show. We left California Adventures to head to the Disney sets. The kids actually had no idea where they were until we were walking around inside the lot. While we were there they were actually taping the Suite Life On Deck. We got to see Selena Gomez taping in a scene. While Kim gave us a private tour of two of the sets we also saw Jake T. Austin and Dylan Sprouse on the lot. The girls almost lost their minds! It was a great highlight to the trip (Thank you Ang and Kim)! After the studio visit we drove down the Hollywood Blvd street. We didn't want to get out and walk down the street with the stars. Not with the kids! Then we decided to drive to the famous Rodeo Dr. We finally got to meet up with Ang again and had dinner at an Italian restaurant at the City Walk.

The fourth day we went to Sea World. Sea World was amazing. We got to see Shamu of course. None of us got wet. We also got to see the Anhuser-Busch Clydesdale horses. The horses, whales and dolphins are absolutely beautiful! I have to admit, the "Believe" theme from the Shamu's show didn't inspire me as much as the whale did. I guess it didn't touch me since I viewed most of it through a HD camcorder. After leaving Sea World we went to Medieval Times. Now that was a show! We all enjoyed yelling and cheering. They fed us "Baby Dragons" that tastes just like chicken! The knight we were cheering for threw a carnation up to us and my son caught it and gave it to me. He is such a sweet boy to his mommy.

The last day we woke up and went to have breakfast at the Story Tellers cafe and visited both Disneyland and California adventures for half a day. We had to be at the airport around 3:30 pm so we decided to make the best of our half day! We were sure sad to leave the sunny land. No one wanted to come back home. The kids wanted to bring the Palm Trees back with them. I did too! So I think we have a serious goal in mind to eventually move...again. We have a few things anchoring us here but after a few years we will be able! Yay!

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Becki said...

I love Medeival Times! When my mom, sister, and I went on our girls trip to Cali a few years ago we did Disneyland, CA Adventures, and then Medeival Times. It was the highlight of my trip.