Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Anticipation...

So, I've got some really exciting things going on. Today I get a delivery of some clothes I ordered online. I'm looking forward to trying them on and probably returning most of them! I like the anticipation of getting these clothes but when they don't fit, I do dread the return. Tomorrow I get another delivery of books I ordered online too! Yay! I just get so excited about tracking packages online! It's so neat to have the box sitting at your door. I love the anticipation of opening it up. I get excited even when my husband gets things. So I'm eagerly awaiting the UPS truck pulling up. They say they deliver until 7pm! Yay!

So that excitement takes care of today and tomorrow. Thursday we have a meeting with our home builder to look at more layout updates. One night I asked Honey, "Where are we going to put your parents when they come to visit?" I'm looking forward to my in laws coming to visit us. They are wonderful people. Honey's reply to my question was, "hmm." The next morning Honey informed me that he has turned our 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home into a 6 bedroom, 4.5 home! We had to have a reasonable place to house family when they come and visit! It helps with resale value too. We have been looking at lighting for the home. I found some brilliant pendants for the kitchen island we both love. It is amazing how much we like the same things. We are so excited about building our home together. When we meet with our builder he is going to give us cabinet and counter top samples. I love samples! I've been staring at the hardwood floor sample and carpet sample for days. Saturday we were out at the lot and I had this funny idea. Since we live within a golf course, I said, "Honey lets go see if we can get a golf cart and go around the neighborhood." He agreed to go ask. I love this man! Much to our surprise, they told us to go ahead! We rode the courses and saw the backyard of our house from down below. Honey is really happy with the course and the neighborhood. He is excited to play golf there with his dad and brother this summer. Here is a view of our lot from the course. Our home will be built on the empty lot to left side of homes there.

Friday, we leave for Disneyland!! Yep we are headed to California for some fun in hopefully the sun! The kids are so excited about it. To tell you the truth, it hasn't hit me just yet. Honey and I have both been to Disney World so we figured Disneyland would be good this time. One thing to take note of, if you have kids go before they turn 10 or you will pay the adult ticket price for them. I had no idea. I thought the adult ticket price would be for adults. Apparently the Disney folks beg to differ! It's not a drastic price jump but saving a bit helps. We'll go to Lego land and Sea World too! Oh and I'm oh so happy about going to The Coffee Bean again! Honey wants to go to In and Out. I'm really looking forward to this trip!

Man, God's blessings are amazing aren't they? So I'm excited! I'm going to go now package is here!

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