Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Anti-Abortion Poster Holder

I would like to express my sincere concern. As I sat at a red light, I looked over to my right side to see you and your church members holding up these hand written Anti Abortion signs. Some of these posters read "Abortion Hurts" "Abortion Kills" yes I agree with both of those sayings. I admire your passion to save unborn children. What I question is how effective your posters actually are? Do they really help those that have had abortions and those that are contemplating abortion? Have you ever had anyone walk up to you and say, "Wow this really helped me?" Have you ever had anyone tell you that they felt Christ's love radiate from those signs?

My first mind is, I seriously doubt it. When I see those signs I wonder how Christ would look upon those types of signs. I think it makes people feel unworthy. Now, Christ never went around holding up a sign protesting things. He spoke against them yes, but he never made people feel as though they are filthy or unworthy. He was reaching out to those who need him. In fact people judged your very Christ like you are holding those signs. They gawked at him for having dinner with sinners. For the lady caught in adultery, did he tell her things such as "Adultery hurts" or "Adultery Kills Families?" No. He let those people judging her know they are not in any place to judge because they were not without sin themselves. He then told her she was forgiven and to sin no more.

Another curious question, why do you only pick that one thing to protest? You call it a sin, however you don't hold signs protesting Adultery, Pedophiles, Pornography, or Murder. Why not protest those too?

You see, protests like this don't convince people that Christians are loving. They make us look uncaring and judgmental. I know you mean well and want to save lives too but you don't save lives by making others feel less than. I'm sure that you bring back all the horrible memories for those who have had abortions. You see by simply holding a sign like that, you are bringing up a past for others. You are making them hurt all over again. It makes those contemplating abortion feel bad about the situation they are in. It does not offer a loving voice to them. It doesn't even offer an alternative to them. So in my eyes, you are just as bad as someone who is Pro Abortion. Your tactics are harmful. If you were to help people into the kingdom of God then offer a different alternative. Offer an encouraging positive voice to the troubled heart. Offer a safe haven for those who are scared of the situation they are in. Offer another option to abortion instead of beating them when they are already down. Hey maybe you could even offer to adopt the baby they are going to have!

Most of these ladies that go into abortion clinics are scared and don't see any other way out of it. They need help, not judgment. They need healing, not to be condemned. The physiological effects after having an abortion are life lasting. This is not a cut and dry situation. Women who have had abortions suffer greatly inside. Some less than others but there is some sort of effect. Who are you to make her suffer more? Shouldn't you be about your Father's business in helping the broken heal? Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone. Hmmm... casting stones by way of signs. When I see these people, I think of a modern day Pharisee.

These Anti-Abortion Poster Holders do not represent the true love of Christ. They represent the crowd shouting "Crucify Him!"

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brunsli said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I read them all, so don't fret about posting to old posts.

And thanks for your liberal post! We are coming from different places, but both make the same conclusion about judgmental random protesters.