Monday, November 10, 2008

so domestic...

I never saw my self as being domestic. I never saw myself as a mom who would ever home school her children either. You see before I had kids I wanted my own design firm. I wanted to be an Art Director, CEO, or President. I wanted to work for a magazine at one point too. Throughout all my dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up, never ever did the title of "Mom" cross my mind. It wasn't a desire of mine what so ever! I had no intentions of marriage, pregnancy 0r 18 years plus of caring for kids. My life was all about me. I had no idea why any woman would want to stretch their body to no end and go through unbelievable pain to bring a hollering responsibility into the world! Yes, I thought that up until God was able to bless me in a strange way. Surprise! I was pregnant....with twins! Gasp! You can now insert your own Vincent Price laugh at this happening. He does have a sense of humor doesn't he?

Thank God my thinking changed! Thank God my life has changed! It's so much more meaningful. I now know that love people talk of, you know the love that only a mother could have. It's so much greater than I could ever imagine back then.

After having twins, I had a son. They are about 21 months apart. The youngest is soon to be 9. We want to have two more lovely children. 5 kids you say?? I know it's not for everyone but yep 5! A house full of love and something always going on!

I've become so domestic through the years! I'm a total home body when we aren't traveling some where. I like to be home with my family and do homely things like cook bread in my bread machine. I get excited when my Honey likes the bread I've baked. I get excited when the kids are happy about dinner. I got excited about the front loading washer and dryer set we got. I got excited the Dyson vacuum cleaner we got as a wedding gift, then I found myself excited about getting a Kirby Vacuum cleaner. Before family life, vacuum cleaners, washer and dyers, baking bread was boring! It was not on my list of things to do. My how things change! Is my life any more boring? Not at all! I love my life! I have a wonderful husband, and wonderful children. I like making our home some where they want to be. Yes we have gone through the school is tough and I don't want to do my chores so I want new parents stage with the kids. Again, it is always something going on! Sometimes fun, sometimes challenging. We always tend to come right back around to loving one another. At the end of the everyday, I want my family to always know I love them.

Well.. it's time to go hug on the kids, check the washer and dryer, bake some bread and feel good about the accomplishment of a clean home. It's about 3:07 pm and I can't wait till Honey is home!

Have a look at what my 10 year old spelled out with her lunch today... yes they still call me "Mommy" and absolutely I love it!


ILuvBNaMom said...

It's funny how your life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would. I was fired up to go into medicine and then went on to get an MPH, then got married and all of a sudden got the domestic bug! Now I think being a mom is the greatest thing in the world! I'm not very good with the whole cleaning thing (I've tried Flylady too), but I love all the rest of it.

Mama Jenn said...

That was so cute what your kids did!!! I am totally with you about the whole mom thing! It is funny the things you get excited about once you become a mom!!!