Tuesday, January 08, 2008

uploading expressions

Hello again.
Another blog so soon? Maybe but it will be short. You know how you have your wants and desires but never get around to them? One of mine is photography. I really get a joy out of viewing photos. I like to see what's going on in photos of crowds, I like expressions in portraits, I like to see beautiful color in photos of objects and a photo with an overall mood really grabs my attention. So what do I do with all this emotion and such? I thought about starting a photo group but I don't think I'd put 100% into it. I haven't totally given up on the idea. I have several friends that like photography so I think it would have a good number of people join but not now. So what did I do? I started a photo blog. Yes, a blog with a photo a day and very few words. Nothing like the gobs and gobs of photos on my picasa or flickr accounts but just a simple photo a day. I've got it up and running now. The challenge is actually uploading a photo a day. Some of them may be old from the archives and some might be new. The one I just put up is the newest one I've taken. Some maybe not be so interesting and others may just have you staring. I won't put up any old photo, it will be of something that I like. It will be of something that interests me or makes me laugh. No, not a degrading photo, but something that will generally make you smile. I like photos that give a good feeling. We've got too much pain in our lives anyway so I don't focus on that. I'm not fond of nudes either so you are highly unlikely to see any body photos. I know some may feel that the body is beautiful, natural in forum etc. Yes that is true but not something that interests me. So if you like visit here http://bytesoflight.blogspot.com/
and leave me a comment of some things that interest you. Feel free to leave me comments on the photos too.

Thanks for reading again. I hope you've had a great day or you will have one.

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