Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Decluttering Stuff

Well I haven't blogged anything in a while. While I had time I sat at the
kitchen island with my laptop with the intent to to blog. Tonight we went to the
library. I felt really bad because we have been in O'Fallon too long not to
have made a journey over to the library. We finally made a night of it. When we got back
at the house my dear husband started cooking hamburgers while watching the
Baseball game. He'll occasionally commented on the players are. I like that he talks to me like I actually know something about baseball. While he was cooking and giving me a night off from cooking, I sat at my laptop to blog this. Ashley was reading her Mysteries of the Human Body book, she wants to be a doctor so that book captured her interest. Angela was intensely looking at her Guide to Fashion book. She's into fashion and wants to be an actress. Adrian got some books on the city of St. Louis but he was playing with his Legos. He says he wants to be an Architect. He's got the drawing skills for it and he's not too bad at math. I got some books to aide in teaching the kids in math and Illinois state history. I've got too many books on my "to read" list to get any more at the library. I'm happy about what books I have now. Oh one note if you like books check out Paper Back

Life has been a bit hectic for me. I've found myself with sleepless nights. I have
nothing to be overly stressed about but just enough things to keep my mind going.
I've been stressed, tense and just over all frustrated. To help me out I've been trying things to make life easier. One thing that really hinders me is a messy home. Our home isn't very clean right now because of dinner preparations but it won't take long to clean it up. Before, I would be stumped at where to start. There were days that I would just look at the house and be discouraged at starting to clean. So I made up a system that helped me. You see, I'm a very visual person so to some one who doesn't think like me this way may seem useless and too much work. I had to do this to help me. I took a photo of the mess, printed it out and mapped out my plan of cleaning. This helped me to see the mess in a different way, and concentrate on one area. I did this with the kitchen first and moved on to different areas. It was an eye opener. You notice things that have been over looked for a while with a photo. So if it's not too much trouble try it. In fact try it even it you have cleaned it up. A photo will reveal the mess! I was very happy with my progress. The house is still in a decent shape.
Another thing I read about was putting things in the areas you use them. For example if you go to the kitchen table to mail things out, then keep the stationary supplies (stamps, envelopes, pens etc.) in a drawer near the area. I had my coffee maker on the other side of the kitchen. I placed it closer to the sink. It made making coffee a quick task. Before then I'd go back and forth from the sink to the coffee maker. Now it's just a side step. I cleared out my utensil caddie. There were gadgets in there I don't use on a regular basis. I took those things out and it made for a neater more roomy caddie. It's these things that can really simplify your life. It did for mine!
Well I'm going to whine down now. It's getting late! Thanks for reading! Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about ... darn I just lost my train of thought! Goodnight.

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