Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another 2007 recap

I guess I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't had much to write. Although I've thought on several occasions "I'm going to blog about that!" I never did. So Here I am blogging...
I've gotten recap newsletters of 2007 and thought, you know I should do that! So I'll try it now.

2007 was a ... heck of a year to be honest. I went though some really crazy times, yet one of the best things happened to me. I'll focus on that and leave the negative out.

I'll start with this....I married the greatest man since Jesus walked the earth. Yep I love my husband just that much! If you are married I hope you think your spouse is one of the greatest people too.

Earlier this year we went to England and France. The trip was one of the greatest ones I've taken. We got to see the farm where my husband grew up. I love my in laws and England is amazing. There's so much history there I couldn't imagine living there with the marvelous architecture! The weather was great the entire time we were there. It didn't rain one time. We took a ferry over to France. Getting lost in France was an humorous adventure. I think we drove the same road about 5 times! We ate at a restaurant in Calais. I had some fish with the most delicious creamy lemon sauce. My husband's French was great. I loved hearing him order for us. Back at the farm the kids enjoyed going for walks and exploring the farm while I enjoyed the European life. They really enjoyed themselves. My mother in law told me the kids are a credit to me. The compliment some how made me feel like a great mom. At that time I really needed to hear it. So far in the the kids short years they have visited Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, France, and England.

Mid summer we had a grand time with family and friends coming to share one of the greatest days of our lives. The kids keep saying they want to relive our wedding day. Me too Me too! Yes it was so much fun. We have some great memories. After we got back from the Honeymoon we found out the kids went places and had a blast with their cousins, Aunt, Uncle and grandparents. They were spoiled and loved every minute of it.

Late summer we spent getting the house in order. I didn't move out of my duplex until August 1st. We just finished putting together the last piece of furniture for the kids tonight! It's been a process of combining two homes. Room mates had to move out, we painted the kids rooms, cleaned the carpet, got rid of my old furniture on freecycle, threw out old stuff and put in new stuff. We were showered with bridal and wedding gifts. Thank you!!! The work still isn't done. I've wanted to have a get together but I haven't got it together to have a get together! In due time it will happen.

September-October was a procrastination period. I think we burned out in August. The house combining process just sort of stopped. We just spent the time growing as a family. We went to an enriching marriage class. We met some great friends and learned a lot in the class. Home School started for the kids and that took up most of the time during the day. It still is! Soccer season was in full effect, that's how we found out about the kids having allergy induced asthma. Not fun at all to see your child sick. Thank God we have a solution now.

November was a time for giving thanks. We spent it with some great friends we met at the marriage classes. Soccer season ended. The girls didn't have the best experience, and the parents were just difficult to deal with at the end. Our son's coach was a great one! We wished he could have him again but he won't be teaching his grade this coming season. Awwww :(

December brought Christmas and the end of the 07 year. It was a very happy Christmas. We sent out Christmas cards I designed myself! It took a while and I think the process almost drove Rich crazy! It got done and we mailed them out. We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family. The kids had a blast and loved their toys. I think this year was the best one for them. They are getting older and are asking for more expensive gifts. They all wanted ipods for Christmas. LOL yeah right! We got them less expensive MP3 players. Now they walk around the house with earphones on singing songs. We got a telescope for us geeks. On a cold Christmas night we were out scoping out the moon. The end of the year we celebrated with friends. We all enjoyed ourselves. One of the girls laughed so hard while playing bowling on the wii she lost her guts! Nice. It was the best New Year gathering I had ever been to. I guess that wouldn't be hard since I haven't been to any! Nope, its true it was my first New Years party ever.

January 2008 - I sit here watching CSI with my handsome husband. We are headed back to England and will embark on more exciting things to come this year!

I'm finished. I've blogged about the year. Know that all is well in our household and life is rolling on well. I hope all of your 2008 will be greater than your 2007 was! May God be with you!

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