Thursday, August 23, 2007

America: The Endogamous Melting Pot

I was forwarded via email an article titled "Mr. Right Might Be White." Isn't that clever title? Isn't that "Something New?" No and if you think so you are seriously cracked. Funny this topic made news because isn't America supposed to be a Melting Pot? Are we the land of the free? No because of racism has us bound and articles such as "Mr. Right Might Be White" will continue grace the front page news.

If we were a true melting pot then people wouldn't be so shocked about Interracial relationships? Our friends raise their brows at the fact that my husband, who was a single white male, married me, a divorce black female with children. Oh the shock! Is it really? Our friends apparently really don't know us beyond their own wrong assumptions. We'll he's not American, he's British and I wasn't stereotypically looking for that "Good Black Man." If he married a white female with kids, would it be much of an issue? No and because of that get asked asked off beat rude questions. We get double takes, and have been subjected to betrayal. Why then is America the melting pot? Why would we claim such a name when our history says opposite. How can America claim that they are a melting pot when they have a history of things such as strange fruit and outlawed interracial marriages?

Have we grown any? I'd say we have but there is still racial tension and the out cry for change. Why do we cry out when we are the ones keeping it going? How do we keep it going you might ask? I have friends of many races and I hate brutality etc. We don't stop or realize the racial thoughts we have. We do nothing about the racism in our own towns. We sit back and consider the racial tension on the news someone else's problem until it hits our families. Our voices remain silent as others are suffering from hate crimes.

Interracial marriages and couples are "cute" and "different" as long as they remain outside the typical American family enforcing endogamy. So stories such as "Mr. Right Might Be White" will always make front page news and we will have the need for web sites such as Loving Day celebrating interracial marriages when our nation isn't really a melting pot.

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