Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trick? What trick?

Ok so I didn't do the think of something else trick. I was totally distracted through the whole photo shoot. What was my distraction? Richard! I totally forgot about his alluring charm! He was talking to me the whole time trying to get me to not pay attention to the photographer. We goofed and laughed and had fun with it. There was one moment I was standing my Richard picking at my elbow only to look up and see that they both were waiting for me and ready to shoot. LOL oops! I thought she was getting her camera stuff ready. What was strange yet cool was we are "on location" I guess we could say. People were around watching!! Agh! Ok and tell me why people want to pass in front of the camera instead of going behind the person with the camera when there is room? It's like think people lets be considerate! She said we did good. By the way here is her website if you want to see her work. I hope they come out ok, better yet I should say I hope I don't look flicktid. I do prefer to take photos like that instead of a portrait studio. It's much more natural and the flash isn't so big and and annoying. I took family photos with the kids and I blinked on every one of them. With shoot yesterday there was a flash but it wasn't in your face. It was away and it looks better. We had the natural light from the day and the breeze was wonderful. I was still nervous but Richard was instrumental in me being calmer. He is just amazing. He is my darling and I couldn't have asked for more.

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