Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Engaged to my 6th grade Blackmail Photos

Ok so I'm totally nervous! Richard and I have our engagement session today. Yeah I know we have been engaged for a while but it's a part of our wedding photo package. So I'm up late watching the show Who's Wedding Is It Anyway and looking at engagement photos. This is one day that I have anticipated and had anxiety over. I don't like someone else taking photos of me. I totally don't know what to do with my face and I turn out looking flicktid. I can do my own photos with my camera and remote. BTW that's how I took my self portraits. I have a camera remote so I don't have to be there pressing the button. Cool right? Yep you can get one for your digital camera too just search for it on google. Any how I'm going to try that trick that Jay said on the style channel. He said to think of something else (something sad if you want a depressed look, something that makes you happy for a joyful look...) while you are taking photos instead of focusing on trying to smile for the camera. Thinking of something else will help the emotion show on camera and it wont be a faked one. So I just pray that the trick will work and I wont rack up another pile of blackmail photos! LOL I sound wacko don't I? I know but it is a fear of mine because until those self portraits I've had horrible photos! I have literally avoided the camera like the plague until about 6 months ago. Learning how to look for pictures has been something different for me. I just wished I would have known about this for the childhood school pictures! No joke those things are blackmail for me! My most hated school picture was the one of me when I was in the 6th grade. I wanted to destroy it. It was hideous. I thought I had actually done away with them secretly! When Richard met my mom she had that 6th grade picture of me on a table. Ok I almost fell out from embarrassment! I thought oh if he doesn't run now for fear of having ugly kids I'll be lucky! No kidding, that's a picture only my mom could love and she does. Thank you Mom!

So any how besides me being freaked out about the photo session, things have been going in all sorts of directions. The wedding planning is coming together. We are determined not to be rushed for last minute preps. We want to enjoy our out of town guests because we may not see them again for a while. I am excited about seeing my sister, and friends from out of town. I'm totally honored that they would be bridesmaids. My sister and friends have been such a great influence on my life. We can have so much fun, and can get into so much trouble. I love them so much and miss the times we spent in the past. But now it's a new day a new time and I look forward to what God has for each of us. We got some great things planned. We hope that all of our guests will enjoy the day with us. It's coming up soon and yes I am very excited to be marrying my beloved and my best friend, my chosen one!

On the kid front... wow they are super excited. We are preparing their rooms and getting things fixed up. This is the first time they will have their own rooms. The girls are really excited about it all. They all got to pick the colors of their rooms. So it's really exciting for them. I remember painting my room and doing this sort of thing when I was little and how I loved my new room. It was awesome. I hope they really like their rooms. They have some pretty cool furniture too!

Ok I think I'll go to bed now.... i think....

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