Monday, May 07, 2007

1% Full on Drama

Today was a great day. We started out late with a devotion. While we were discussing the devotion I made Grill Cheese sandwiches.

Ashley ended up getting a time out for misbehaving. Yes we still do time out because it works. She then had a cow about a spider web being in the corner. Richard happened to take this day off because of his PRK surgery. After her time out he talked to her about fear. We pointed out scriptures that supported us having dominion over the animals. We further explained dominion vs. wisdom. Of course you have dominion, however let's practice wisdom with it and not sit in front of a bear making taunting faces and poking it. You will be eating, which will be your punishment for not practicing wisdom.

The kids asked about different animals. We talked about their fear of spiders vs. other animals they seem to think are harmless like a Hippopotamus. Yeah a Hippo is harmless?! I googled the word Hippopotamus and showed them how big it was and how dangerous it is. Yes I showed them that linked picture. I we should go to the zoo and Richard looks and asks "You want to?" I was like wha? Now? Are you serious? At this moment our personalities totally flip flopped. I was thinking um we arent prepared, he's thinking yes this will be a great spontaneous lesson for them. Richard wanted to show them spiders. Ash was apprehensive about it. I was too but I wasn't going to show it. I was "BBBBad" uh I ain't afraid of no spider! Yeah we had to get over our fears of Spiders.

So we packed up and got ready to go to the zoo! The girls are asking about the "Spider House" which is actuall called the Insectarium as. They had a mental picture of tons of spiders every where. It's actually a insectarium with a lot of different insects. I tried to explain to Ash how they are behind thick glass and you can't touch them and they can't touch you.

Now Ash usually laid back and a bit carefree about things. She's like that 99% of the time. The missing 1% is full on DRAMA! When she's at that 1% you will know it with out a doubt! This kid will scream and kick and get dramatic and won't care where she is. So she's at the dark sliding doors for the insectarium. Richard, Ang and A all went in with out hesitation. I look back and Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun! Ash stops, she shakes, she puts on the 10 ton Drama Queen Crown! There it is the full blow 1% extreme "I'm scared" scene. My patience were wearing thin as I stand in the hot sun feeling the cool breeze of the sliding Insectarium doors open and close. We were out there for about 3 minutes...

So Richard, Ang and A came rushed up to her yelling "OMG you HAVE to go in there it is SO COOL!!! They were really excited about it. Ash wasn't having it. She didn't move. It was hot. I was mad. Rich decided to try to pick her up. She screamed. I was mad and hot. Did I mention I was mad and I really hot? Every time the doors opened to let me feel that cool breeze it was just a tease.

So Richard standing at the door says come this close and peak in. She inches toward the door. I stand in the door with Richard and coach her in too. We literally inched in. She looked in to see the thick glass boxes. She looks and is still sort of hesitant. Richard walks over to the Praying Mantis (this insect eats it's own and she thinks oh look it's cute!). He says look here is the praying mantis and she walks in the door and goes over to the praying mantis with the reaction of "Oh it isnt that bad it's not a party house of spider waiting to feed on humans." Honestly it was maybe 8 spiders and the rest little insects.

I was tired at that point and was just happy to be inside a cooler area. Now remember I was afraid too. LOL forget my fears I was too tired. Ashley's drama too my mind off of it. I walk through and was choosy about what I wanted to see. I nicely skipped the maggots and leeches. There was a huge bird eating spider that was as big as Richard's hand. We didn't let Ash see that one. She's getting over her fear and we didn't want to have a set back. We went into the butterfly house. It wasn't that full but it was neat to walk through.

After all that, Ash was proud of her self. Rich and I are very proud that she conquered that fear and learned to trust us. That was the big lesson for the day for her. Although I was tired, frustrated, mad, teased, annoyed... It was all worth it. I am proud of my little girl! She got big hugs and cheers and will never know just how frustrated I was with her.

OK Now the Penguins... I was really amazed and loved watching them. I wished I had my other lens that lets me get good close ups because I could have gotten some really good shots of them. I want one as a pet. Wouldn't it be cool just to have a Penguin hanging out? lol

Well today was a full day. I'm getting sleepy. I'm going to solve a sudoku puzzle and knock out...

I upgraded to Vista, and my touch pad is annoying. Good night

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