Saturday, April 21, 2007

1...2...3... goodnight!

Ok so I should be cleaning up these clothes in my living room floor instead of blogging. I should be doing things, repsonsible things but I'm not. I want to talk to you and write out my tanget thinking mind. So ok

1. England - How was it?? Everyone keeps asking. It's awesome that people are intrested. No complainging. My only complaint is that so much to say but how to say it in a little bit of time. It was awesome guys. England is wonderful, go if you can. Richard's family is simply lovely. I loved them. They are so sweet and so nice it was a wonderful visit. His parents are fun and active and it was great that they are. They took to the kids well. His mom gave me a great compliment saying "Your kids are really a great credit to you." I was speechless! So it went well with the family. We saw sites and visited places ages old. I'm a big geek for looking at old buildings and wanting to touch them. What's even more cool is that Richard likes to walk with me and talk about the buildings too. He simply the best man I have ever met. England - It's brillant!

2. My photos - Yes I took tons!! It is great to have so many photos. I'm thinking of getting an external hard drive for them or burning them to a disk. I've been drawn to Black and White pictures. It just gets me. So I've tried to take my color digital photos in to photoshop and properly make them into black and white photos. I love the contrast and the mystery. Color just leaves nothing to the imagination. They are great no doubt but B & W grabs me more. So if you get a chance check out the Black and White photos in my photo album. Let me know your thoughts. I won't think you are crazy if you comment on every single one of them. Speak your mind tell me if you like or dislike them. I like feedback. I hope you enjoy them.

3. Wedding Plans - Yes!!! It's getting closer! I'm so in love it's crazy! We are making plans and really enjoying the anticipation of our wonderful day. I've got to find a good way to do my make up and hair. I'm so ready to be married to the most wonderful man for me.

4. House work - Will I get it done tonight? No.

I'm going to drink my coffee read my book, maybe watch the style channel and prepare for church tomorrow morning.

good night.

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