Sunday, April 15, 2007

FCUK it's 12 am!

Well ignorance has been bliss for these past 2 weeks. I've not kept track of time or dates since we have been in England. England is a wonderful place. We have spent time with our future family and we have all enjoyed the sites. We've even gone to France for a day! It was a great experience. I cant say I've ever experienced such a great time. The kids have been happy playing on the farm. Tomorrow they are off to the zoo with Grand Mum and Grand Dad while Richard and I do some packing and maybe shopping. I'm on a mission to get a FCUK shirt. French Connection if you will. I've wanted one since about 2003 when my design teacher came over with the sacks to show the class. But now I have a point in getting it not just for the rise it gets out of people though. It fits us. See I was explaining this to a friend and she agreed. It makes sense that I must have this logo Tee. I'm not one for being a walking AD for big bucks companies however I'll sort an occasional Tee. Why this one? Ok well I have roots in France. My Great Grand father is a Frenchmen that came over to the US in the 1900s. So you see I have the FC - being the "French connection" and Richard's obviously the UK so FC-UK right? Right. Done. Getting the shirt and I might sport it at church. Don't be surprised.
I've been asked to take a few photos. I did.
I've got 50 hundred photos to delete and sort through and I'm still taking tons of photos while we are in England. I really really really like my digital camera!
I'm uploading photos to my Picasa photo. You can see the general ones here. - These show the sites of England. I have yet to add captions on the places yet. - This is the unlisted photo album of us having fun in England.

There are a lot of photos so enjoy when you can!
It's 12 am here and i'm still UP!

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