Thursday, October 12, 2006

1am Kennel Commands

Ok so I was planning to go to bed tonight after I got home from church. Didn’t happen as you can see. Its 1 am. So what happened? Why don’t I ever get to bed on time? It varies. I know there is a proven health benefit to going to bed by 10:30pm. I really want to do this. Ok so let’s take it one night at time. Tonight, went to church. After church, we went to Applebee’s and get home at about 10:30pm. Opps missed my bedtime! Nope I’m not complaining. The food was good, service was awful. We went to the one in Swansea by the way. Ok so I get home. Kids go to bed. I have time on the laptop again. Few im’s, checking email, searching on Google for items and off to bed. Nope just as soon as I said goodnight to my sweetheart the dogs started whining. I’m nice and let them out... Ok so one dog goes and comes back. Then the other one runs off. It’s dark, cold and I’m NOT about to go outside to chase this dog. There I found myself I stand at the door calling this dogs name trying not to wake the neighborhood. I wait; go to the door calling again. I thought ok so how am I going to explain this one to the kids!? I think ok the dog has tags if he is lost then someone will find him and bring him back. I had scenarios running through my head of angry neighbors showing up on my doorstep with a dirty white dog ready to yell about him pooping in their yards. Therefore, I waited. I thought maybe I could go around the house… no it’s dark and I’m not doing it. I went to the back door and called his name. No dog. I went to the front door called his name. No dog. I sit down and go to drink my coffee I fixed earlier. I hear some dog tags. He’s standing outside on the street looking at me like “Is it ok to come back?” I was about to yell NO and close the door but he was really cute in the moonlight and I said …”KENNEL NOW!” I said Baaad Bailey! He looked sad and went into his kennel. This 10:30pm to about 11:00 pm period skipped straight to 1am.

Now I think ok dog back, I don’t have to explain to some broken hearted kids in the morning. What am I doing now? Blogging my annoyances out and I’m about to partition my hard drive. Humph silly dog!

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