Sunday, August 26, 2007

She’s SoOoOo Unusual!

Ok so I'm such an unusual thing.

Everyone has their "thing" they get into and it effects them like nothing else.
I guess we can say it's your passion.

So one of Richard's passions is computer engineering. He gets all excited about the love of circuit boards and it's all about the 01010110 that gets him umm... excited.

We can talk about computers stuff and that's our geek glue bond like none other.

Well one of my things is typography. It's all about the type. I'm not professing to be the great all knowing typographer I just like it. It's a part of being a graphic designer. I like looking at typefaces. I was downloading fonts one night from a free font site. I browsed through them having had some very emotional comments about some of them. Some typefaces were just pointless rubbish people made just to make it. Others were useful and those were the ones that really annoy me. I love a beautiful typeface. Rich just laughed at the different somewhat spontaneous reactions I had. I saw a typeface full of stars. With an emotional outburst my reaction is "OMG Stars! I need Freakin Stars!! As I proceeded to download with glee I looked to see the font was called "Freakin Stars" I laughed and thought yeah this designer is awesome and moved on to the next download.

That same night, while cuddling with my honey I said out of the blue... "Honey the term is typeface..." Rich was like "Wha?" said all British like of course. "Yeah honey, typeface is what it looks like, font is a computer file. It's like calling the photo you hold in your hand a Jpeg." Rich replies "Ohhhh...riiight" As I smiled with content feeling that I had enlightened someone he was probably thinking (in his British accent of course) "Ok that was random."

So do you ever have those moments when your "thing" really get to you all tangled up emotionally and it makes you go all random? It's a beautiful thing. It's even better when your spouse understands it. My husband and I are geeks with no shame. We are geeks in different areas of geekness. He's more geek than me though. We cuddle and talk computers. Weird? Nope not in our house!

After reading my blog Richard informed me that the already knew it was called typeface... oh well whateva!

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