Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Did it. I Did The Ugly Cry...

Hello Everyone!

Our house has a new toddler running about. Well, she's been running about but she's just turned 2. Our littlest cub is now full on into toddlerhood. This little kiddo came into our lives and turned it on it's side, and it's still spinning like an unpredictable wobbly top. No complaints for sorrow for our rockin house. It's fun. She's pretty hilarious to watch. She's such a goofy unpredictable kid. I believe God started with a smile when creating her. Even if she is giving us a hard time, we laugh at her funny antics when the day is done. One of the great things about her is her love language is touch. She cuddles and snuggles like no one else. It's been 2 great years of unpredictable living with this little quirky kiddo. To many more! Happy Birthday littlest cub!

We have a birthday tradition in our home. Before Daddy goes off to work everyone gets up for a mini birthday celebration. It's the first thing the birthday member sees when they come downstairs. It's a sweet welcome into their new year in our family. We spend all night preparing for the morning. Mainly because we have to wait until they go to bed! The girls have made custom cakes for their brother. I remember one year he drew out his birthday cake for them to design. The girls enjoy doing this sort of stuff and we really appreciate their efforts. Last year for my son's 13th birthday his older sisters talked me into smashing his cake to welcome him into the teen years. His expression was priceless. We got it all on video and Here it is. Oh don't worry. We aren't that cruel. We had his real cake sitting in the refrigerator all decked out for him. Any how, in our family you wake up to cards, presents, cake or cupcakes, blowing out candles to a happy birthday song and Granny and Grandad ring from England. Then the rest of the day is spent however it's desired. One thing's for sure, we thank God for each member of our family.

 For the little one's 2nd birthday celebration we took her to Monkey Joes. 
The older kids went along but were on the iPads because it's only for small kiddos. Little Joy and Little Quirky had loads of fun. They took on the biggest slides! 

 We thought they would have been really tired after all the climbing, bouncing and sliding. Eh we were wrong. They were hungry! So afterwards we decided to go to IHOP. 

Now we had not been there in a long time. In fact we rarely go out to eat because our family is large enough that our budget takes a dent each time which is enough for me to easily see the sense in us eating in. We also have 7 people. There have been so many times the hostess will make a comment. The waiter or waitress gets overwhelmed at first sight. Funny thing is, they relax after they realize we aren't high maintenance and they should get a good sized tip from the cost of our bill. Let me tell you, working in the public is no joke. I will always be polite to the person serving me. It does not matter if that person is at a fast food chain repeating gobbly goo back at me via the drive thru. It's please and thank you to them. Keep in mind, even though these jobs aren't billion dollar money makers, the people in these positions have a story, they are serving and that is one of the highest positions you can have. Think about it, Christ served us a great deal. Ok anyhow... 

So the host seats us. I have a bad habit of scoping the place out to see who we will be sitting by. I will notice where we sit, the table, etc. I don't complain but just take note for future visits. So we get a booth. I thought oh goodness how are we going to all fit in here?! We did! I was wrong for mentally complaining. Then I noticed we were seated next to a guy sitting by himself in the booth in front of us, but behind the kids. I thought Oh no, please don't let my loud family annoy this man. He didn't ask for us to come intrude his quiet dinner! He was alone and taking care of business via phone. He sounded like he was an attorney from his conversation. Yes we (me and my older girls) listened in between our own family's mayhem. I thought oh wow he's doing something there! So we continued on looking at the menu and talking. The man left quietly and we were still waiting on our food came. As we were waiting and being our semi loud family selves the host appears at our table. I thought he was going to tell us they were out of a particular food. Then se said, "You know the guy that was sitting in the booth next to you..." I thought to myself "oh no we must have been too loud that he complained." He continued on to say, "He paid for your dinner." Complete silence at our table! My mouth dropped open in shock! We were shocked and overwhelmed by his generosity. We all let out a "Awwwww! Oh my gosh how nice!" verging on tears. We looked around. He was gone.  Nowhere to found! The man paid for our dinner. He paid for our dinner! We had 7 meals! We know it the bill was at least $70.00 plus the tip! I tried my best to stop it but I did it. I busted out with the ugly cry. He paid for our meal! He could have chosen anyone else in that restaurant. He could have paid for someone with a smaller bill. He didn't for whatever reason he chose to bless our family. I can't tell you how much that has blessed my heart. I am so moved. God please bless him abundantly!! Please bless him abundantly! I can't think or talk about it without going into tears. How sweet! Selfless! How kind! What a way to make an impact on a family's life! 

God is amazing. He is no doubt amazing! Thank you father for sending this message of love through those who have wonderful hearts. I have no idea why he did it, but he has prayers for him going up from this family every time we think of him.

So paying it forward? Of course!! We already know how. The Lord showed us tonight. Blessings going forward.



Mary Tichy said...

That is a wonderful story, Tawanna. I'm so glad you shared!

Tawanna Cullen said...

Thanks Mary! I couldn't help but share!! It was a wonderful experience!