Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It all starts with What's outside my window...

What's outside my window... At 11:37 at night, it is  30 degrees.  I can't see outside at the moment. I'm actually sitting in my living room in front of the fire place that is warming my back with a rotating Christmas tree beside me. Yes rotating.

I am thinking...I really would like to blog but my stomach isn't behaving well so I might be off to bed. I should really go look outside to complete the above description. I'd like to write something really profound, great, funny, post a creative something or another but I have nothing. Not a thing... yet. I still have childlike faith in this area lol!

I am thankful for...Being able to see, type, not being in a straight jacket. Yeah I'm not a fan of restrictions, closed spaces or bills. Those were the first thoughts that came to mind. After looking over at the Christmas tree...I'm also thankful for my friends in Canada who sent us ornaments this year. Aren't they neat?!

My fashion statement at the moment... Clothes. Dark grey sweatpants with the bottom cuffed because they are too long. I'm sporting an ever so old red t-shirt with some random want to be sports like writing on it. I got it from Old Navy. I'm slightly comfortable in my socks that are actually my husbands so they are kind of big. Yeah I'm looking real tired at this moment. 

I want to... get a Complete Jewish/NIV side by side bible, I'd like to to go to bed in a bit. I'm going to text my nephew a few more times because I miss him a lot. I'm going to pray for my family while laying in bed. I'm going to probably play a few games on my iPhone too. I have a problem with staying up until tomorrow most nights.

I am reading... A few books via kindle and nook app: Praying Circles around your Children by Mark Batterson, Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife by James L. Garlow and Keith Wall. How to Really Love Your Child by D.Ros Cambell M.D.  I like to get them free. Those were all free at one point on Amazon! Here's a resource for Free Ebooks: {Sharing ebooks} I'm not a person to read a book in it's entirety in one setting. I can't seem to do that. I'll fall asleep or have to tend to a kid.

I my tomorrow goal is to... keep my home clean tomorrow. Enjoy the day with the kids and be a better person.

On my mind at this moment... I'm really glad I got to text my nephew tonight. I should go to sleep.

Pondering things... I wish love really conquered all with beings on earth. God is love but do we really know how to love like he does? Do we interpret his scriptures so wrong that we miss out on what it means to actually love someone and let God do the judging? 

I realize that... My back is really warm from the fire place and it's almost 2 am now.

Deep words... God is love.

Around the kitchen... We ate some made up thing I did tonight. Sausage spaghetti. I made a sauce from Alfredo sauce Worcester sauce and cream of mushroom soup. It was good. 

Around the house... I need to finish putting up Christmas decor and clean up the master bedroom before I think about organizing anything else. We actually have the house sort of decorated on the outside. I still would like to get a nativity set but for now it will wait. Budget says so. Budget is boss sometimes. 

I love...My son has turned 13 and he's super handsome. 
He is holding his birthday present which is really liked and enjoyed putting together. His sisters decided to welcome him into his teen years in the way they do best...

Ugh teens what am I going to do with them?! Love them and love them some more.